Last night, the national anthem was played twice and three flags were raised!

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On the evening of February 8, Beijing awards Square twice played the “Volunteer March”, raised three five-star red flags!At 19:45 on The 8th, the first group of winners of the day were welcomed at the Awarding square in Beijing. They came from the men’s 1,000m short track speed skating event.Champion Ren Ziwei, runner-up Li Wenlong and third runner-up Liu Siao Ang took the podium.They were presented with the award by the International Olympic Committee member from Ukraine.Again, He waved his hand to the top of the podium, pointing to the national flag on his chest.Award square played the “Volunteer March”, raised two five-star red flags.Ren Ziwei and Li Wenlong looked at the national flag and sang the national anthem.Both Mr. Ren and Mr. Li said in interviews after the award ceremony that they wanted to cry at the moment the national flag was raised.”I didn’t cry after winning the gold medal yesterday, but I felt like crying when I saw the national flag rising and heard the national anthem play today,” ren said.”This is my habitual gesture. I want to express my gratitude to the motherland for raising me,” Ren said.Ren ziwei, who won his second gold medal of the Games, said it was a testament to the short track team, which brought it down.In the next three races, Ren ziwei said he will quickly adjust his state of mind, maintain peace of mind, continue to strive for MEDALS, gold MEDALS.Li Wenlong, who won the silver medal, said, “I could not have achieved this result based on my ability, but I got the silver medal thanks to my two brothers.And we will always be that way.”The national anthem was played again and the five-star red flag was raised at the Awarding Square in Beijing at 20:25 PM on The 8th.The gold medal this time was won by gu Ailing of China, the champion of women’s freestyle ski platform.As a popular contestant, Gu broke into a round of applause when she appeared. She also smiled and waved to greet everyone.The Italian Ioc member presented the award to Gu.Gu took a playful bite of her first Olympic gold medal.Then, on the evening of the 8th, the third five-star red flag was slowly raised in the award square, and the “March of the Volunteers” was played again.The audience applauded.Congratulations to Ren Ziwei, Gu Ailing and Li Wenlong!Proud of you!Reviewed: CAI Li; Edited by: Yang Zhengrong source: China Youth Daily