Pudong to add 480,000 charging ports for electric bicycles

2022-05-20 0 By

Morning News reporter Ni Dong correspondent Wang Caihuan since the end of November 2021, Pudong New Area fire rescue detachment aimed at electric bicycle illegal charging, parking and other “old difficulties” problem, take the initiative, due to the situation, actively urge the local government to implement the main responsibility, to tackle the construction of electric bicycle charging facilities,In one month, more than 480,000 electric bicycle charging ports were added, laying a solid foundation for fire prevention and control to prevent electric bicycle “small fire fatalities” accidents, and running out of the “acceleration” leading the fire safety in the region.The rigid promotion of the construction of charging facilities detachment has requested to organize and hold special meetings at the district level for 3 times, and held pilot street and town meetings for 4 times in divided districts to report the progress of the construction of electric bicycle charging facilities.Depending on the area fire control platform, detachment, public security bureau in conjunction with the new city emergency management agency and diplomatic relations committee and other relevant departments, successively compiled issued three about strengthening the construction of electric bicycle charging facilities discharging feeling, and management of ShuDeHua file, refer them to the district party committee district government will be building work incorporated into the town of fire safety responsibility appraisal content,With the general requirements of “the party and government are responsible for the same, one post is responsible for both, and the 36 towns are urged to push forward this task.At the same time, the team set up a special working team for the first time, a chart, establish and improve the work progress, collect, inspector notified weeks, experience instant push “measures, such as joint transport, safety, housing and other departments of public security, city, relying on the joint logistics linkage mechanism, coordinate location, construction, management and so on more than 50 of the difficult problem.Ensure that “can be used, useful, love to use” through the form of Posting and printing and wechat promotion, issue the “Proposal on accelerating the installation of electric bicycle charging interface”, clear installation place and the minimum installation number.According to the working idea of “point to area, comprehensive promotion”, the work experience of jiezhen was summarized and refined for practical projects. Combined with the “portrait” of field scene problems, a brief description of charging facility setting with pictures and pictures was produced and issued to guide Jiezhen to scientifically formulate “one plan for one community and one plan for one village”.In view of difficulties in installation and large gaps, especially in villages where electric bicycle fires have occurred, measures such as letter notification, list implementation, and temporary support for the bottom line will be taken to speed up construction progress.Up to now, more than 131,000 charging ports have been added in 2,863 residential areas in the district, achieving full coverage of charging facilities in the district. In rural areas, more than 351,000 charging ports have been added, totaling 273,000 and 388,000 respectively. The ratio of the number of ports and the number of electric bicycles has reached 1:2.5 and 1:1 respectively.In order to ensure the charging infrastructure “, work, love “, to achieve the goal of team specifically and distributing of satisfaction questionnaire, joint police station to carry out door-to-door campaigns, collect residents to operation and maintenance, use cost, after the completion of the charging infrastructure security Settings problems existing in the aspects of advice, urged street town increase budget investment, form the long-term planning,In practical project piping, installation of fire protection facilities, intelligent iot monitoring, differentiated charging subsidies and humanized details, etc., to ensure the safety of charging places, and gradually establish good charging habits of the masses.Source: Morning News by Ni Dong/Wang Caihuan