Quanzhou city civilization office director meeting held

2022-05-20 0 By

26, quanzhou city civilization office director meeting held in the form of video, convey the implementation of the national and provincial civilization office director meeting spirit, review and summarize the work in 2021, deployment of 2022 spiritual civilization construction work task.Municipal standing committee, minister of propaganda department, minister of united Front Work Department Chen Huizong attended and spoke.The meeting pointed out that in the past year, under the strong leadership of the Municipal Party Committee, the city’s people have worked together to overcome difficulties, and the construction of spiritual civilization has a momentum, momentum, effectiveness and status.Successfully completed the resumption of the national civilized city licensing, the seventh annual assessment and inspection of the national civilized city, wrote a civilized Quanzhou “good answer”, the Municipal Party committee, the government of the city’s spiritual civilization construction work fully affirmed.The meeting stressed that xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era should continue to guide the development of cultural and ethical progress, take the publicity and implementation of the party’s 20th National Congress as the main task, and strengthen the political consciousness, thinking and action consciousness of keeping in mind the “two principles” and “two principles”.We need to focus on the goals and requirements of “having a firm belief in morality and virtue, having a profound culture, being harmonious and livable, and satisfying the people”, and strive to build a civilized city of a higher standard.We need to carry out public activities to promote cultural and ethical progress, ensure that all cultural centers are built in the new era, that civic morality is raised to a higher level, and that all forms of civilization are developed with greater effectiveness, so that the benefits of these efforts benefit the greatest number of people.It is necessary to strengthen the organization and leadership of the construction of spiritual civilization, strengthen overall planning and coordination, team building and work innovation, so as to gather more active and powerful spiritual strength for the construction of quanzhou, a famous sea silk city with intelligent construction and strong city quality.Reporter: Li Jingsong Liu Xuelin source: wireless Quanzhou