Spring golden period, give the child to drink this soup, supplement nutrition to encourage a, your point is also worth

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Look forward to a long time, finally school, no longer around the children all day round.When picking up the children from school, some acquaintances said that they had not seen each other for only a month and saw my children grow much taller.She asked me what I fed her every day. She wanted to learn.In fact, my children eat nothing special, children love to eat pasta, love to drink soup, love to eat all kinds of mushrooms, I often use all kinds of mushrooms, cook soup for children to drink, so as to supplement nutrition, but also can improve the body’s resistance.Spring is the golden period for children to grow, you can give children to drink some calcium soup.In spring, I often make mushroom soup. My child likes it very much. He can drink 2 bowls of it every time.Mushrooms contain a lot of vitamin D, can promote the absorption of calcium, is very helpful for children to grow.With egg and mushroom soup, it is nutritious, refreshing and delicious.Today, I will share the cooking of egg tricholoma soup with you. The food materials needed to prepare are: tricholoma appropriate amount, 2 eggs, 2 cilantro, appropriate amount of cooking oil, and appropriate amount of salt.Wash the mushrooms, drain them, remove the legs.Our local mushrooms are a little expensive, basically 8 yuan per catty.Tricholoma rich in nutrition, delicious taste, expensive point is also worth.Try to choose some white color of mushrooms, this time to buy may be the supermarket sold the day before, the color is not as white as before.Remove the roots of coriander, rinse, drain and cut into small pieces.If you don’t like cilantro, you can replace it with chives.Heat a wok with oil and fry eggs until they are lightly browned on both sides. Set aside.While the pan is hot, put the mushrooms in the pan, cap down, and fry them for a while over medium heat.Cook the mushroom caps until lightly browned, turn them over and continue cooking for about a minute.Fried mushroom cap, looks like a chubby jiaodong joy cake.Turn the mushroom cap upside down, put the mushroom legs in the pot, keep the heat on medium, about 2 minutes, the water of the mushrooms will be cooked out.Add proper amount of water to the pot, cut the mushrooms into small pieces with a spatula, and bring to a boil over high fire. Season with salt according to your family’s taste.Add the fried eggs, bring to the boil again, sprinkle with coriander and cook until raw. Turn off heat and serve.This bowl of egg mushroom soup, which didn’t look very good, tasted very refreshing, and could be consumed in every pot.Spring golden period, give the child to drink this soup, supplement nutrition to encourage a, your point is also worth.Do you like the recipe of this mushroom soup?If you like what you shared today, please bookmark, forward, follow Longbao to see more food diary.Longbao home original food, embezzlement will be prosecuted!