The child woke up early in the morning and found his parents had gone to Guangdong. He was jumping his feet and crying bitterly

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In a twinkling of an eye, the year is over again, those who go all the way back home for the Spring Festival reunion, and set foot on the way back.”When we get together, it is difficult to leave.” It is hard to go home, and it is hard to leave home.In order to live, but also had to leave home, say goodbye to white-haired parents, leaving young ignorant children, tears in his eyes, turned away.Parting is always full of sadness, full of sorrow, if you can, who is willing to drift from place to place?Family affection is the most difficult to give up, just ten days back home, just from unfamiliar to familiar with the children, but also to leave home to leave the children, my heart mixed emotions.I want to spend more time with my children, but I’m afraid it will be too late to find a suitable job when I return to the city.On February 4, a young boy woke up early in the morning to find his parents had gone to Guangdong. The boy was crying and running, trying to stay with his parents, but he could do nothing.The lonely figure of the child ran up and down the silent path in the morning, and the piercing cry echoed in the air.According to netizens, the little boy is a left-behind child, who follows his grandparents all the year round. His parents work in Guangdong and come back once a year. Each time, they just develop a relationship.Because of the poor family conditions, the mother left the little boy with his grandparents half a year after he was born, and went to Guangdong to work with his father.At that time the child was still small, there was no feeling of parting, but it was also noisy for a few days.When the child is one year old and can walk, the parents go back to their hometown for the Spring Festival. However, the child does not know his parents at all and refuses to embrace his parents. After several days, he begins to adapt and slowly accepts his parents and sleeps with them.But after the New Year, the parents went out to work again, the child cried to find mom and dad, mom also cried, kissed his little face, set foot on the bus.Grandma holding the baby, the baby pounced on the bus, the bus mercilessly away.Year after year, the child grew to five or six years old, in his impression, father and mother are in a hurry.He also knows that he has his parents, who work outside to make money and buy him new clothes and toys, so he can’t be with him.At the end of each year, when it was time for his parents to go home, the little boy would stand on the road in front of the door and look around, waiting with hope every day and returning disappointed every day, until the moment he saw his parents, the whole person would jump for joy.In fact, many times, parents do not want to go out to work, stay in their hometown, with the elderly and children, but the income is far lower than outside, so they have to go out to work.Every year think is the last time to work out, can be over the year or choose to go out for a living.Netizens saw the helpless figure of the little boy, all feel empathy, especially sad, have left a message to express their feelings.Some netizens said: looking sad, I dare not go to other places like this, even if I am hungry.Some netizens said: I remember when I was a child, very sad, I thought my parents do not want me, now as a parent know life is not easy.Some netizens said: really if I can choose again I don’t want to have a child, can not give the child to accompany the child can not give the child a good life good future, really don’t have, love dearly child.Also some net friends said: alas, next month will go to work with her husband somewhere else, but I am determined to take the child in the side, transfer in the past, mobilize mother-in-law and parents-in-law together with us in the past, the family rent a house, let the in-laws pick up the children, in order to live are running around.Every parent wants to accompany their children to grow up, but the pressure of reality makes them have to choose to leave home and struggle.There is a saying on the net that says very well: move brick, can’t spare hand to hold you;I can’t carry any more bricks if I hug you.Reality and ideal are always contradictory, company is important, milk and bread are also indispensable.Go out to make money, is to give children a better future, but the child’s childhood is only a few years, these vacancies will be accompanied by a lifetime of regret, will also give children a lifetime of psychological shadow.If possible, or spend more time with children, also hope that children can understand their parents is not easy, do not blame their parents.