The end of GHOSTblade season 2, the wining meeting was not completed, but the production of the Blademaker’s village was decided

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First of all, congratulations to the end of The second season of Ghost Quenched Blade’s travel quintessence (1), Yu (1) tianyuan and (2) could only kill (3) Senxian (6) was really not easy.Everyone was seriously injured, in addition to good Yijun a little better, the other three people almost did not.Fortunately, you beans of the blood ghost magic days ke ghost, casually burn, will be their poison to the solution.Everyone looked miserable, especially Yu Life-marrow, with a broken hand and a blind eye.But this is just the beginning of the crocodile, the end of the day is good.Guo chapter everyone survived, tianyuan and three wives retired gloriously, from then on to live a very happy life, is beautiful zai.It is also a good thing that Tianyuan escaped early, otherwise it will be like the pillars behind, one is worse than the other. It is good to lose hands and feet and be blind, but it is good to survive. Otherwise, how could it be called “The Blade of Zhu Destroying”?It’s good to have no markings like a sound pillar, and you won’t live to be 25 if you have markings.He killed a top six without breaking the mark.Now that the battle is over, the serpent enters.He even ridiculed heaven to deal with a top string six severed hand and blind…Still really stand to speak not waist ache, heaven knows day yuan and charcoal zhi Lang they hit how not easy.Besides, this is thanks to tianyuan’s strong anti-toxicity, otherwise he would have been cold, which can not last to the end.But the Serpent had a hard mouth and a soft heart. He didn’t know tianyuan was fighting like hell.Joke with each other. They often play off each other to prove they are on good terms.The last episode was 32 minutes long, and I thought it was going to be a no-brained wind-up, but it just started?All I see is that Top three has entered another dimension, and none of the other top strings have arrived yet.I thought I’d get to see all the windings this time, but there’s a child mill.Prostitute husband taro and xiao Mei brother and sister in the desperate time met the child mill, and then became a ghost.Once said, this tong Mo is worthy of the appearance level of shangxian, even his eyes are special, a variety of colors, he was only shangxian six at that time.But the child mill was also a real dandruff, holding a woman’s head in his hand and speaking the softest words, dandruff among dandruff.But is this kind of person, has the most good-looking appearance level, even the voice actor is Miyano really shou!!The flying saucer club also knows how to choose voice actors. The voice actors of Shangxian 2, Shangxian 3 and Shangxian 6 are all very correct, which suits each other’s character.Knife-maker village production decided to read this tour guo, still feel like more, this fight special effects are online, especially let a person blood boiling.Especially the tenth episode, directly sealed god!!The official news of the third season has also been announced, and the production decision of the Blader Village!This canto is kind of a transition.The main roles of the inner column are Xiazu and Lianzhu.Mainly about the carbon lang, good yi Jun and help with their two column learning content, after all, they helped to kill a string, qualified to become the stepson of the column, of course, to cultivate.Originally snake column also dont agree with tianyuan retirement, but with the charcoal lang they are not the same, ghost killing team was less people, just died in front of the column, sound column to retire, how do they deal with the ghost.So sound column to achieve retirement, and three wives natural and unrestrained happy.Early retirement is the wise thing to do, sound post really prescient.In the meantime, the Lord was plotting how to attract No Doom to Infinite City, so that he could take him down.If you want to kill the top six, the most happy is the Lord.Having finally broken a century-old deadlock, their family’s liberation was about to begin.He’s spitting blood. It’s kind of heartbreaking.That’s all for this article. If you like this article, please follow and like it. Every like and comment you give is a great encouragement and support to the creator.