The situation suddenly, the defending champion’s last throw technology pause, Ling Zhi Fan Su Yuan suffered two consecutive losses

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Mixed doubles curling continued, the Chinese team and mixed doubles combination LingZhi Fan Su round well, but this time, met the defending champion team Canada, power still has certain gap, and in the final vote, the Canadian team with an opportunity to change shoe plate, made a technical suspension, and the Chinese team is unable to add into the bureau vigorous efforts to turn the tide in the last game,They lost 6-8 to Canada, two wins and two losses, and are now in the middle of the pack.The first set, is China’s successful innings, so must get at least a minute, this face is quite tough, after all, the Canadian team, there can be no let up, Fan Su circle and LingZhi in last hit, hope can get more score, because it is the first inning of the game, so I can take such a risk, but ultimately didn’t get, get,It’s also pretty good.The second inning, Canada’s throwing technology is indeed very good, there is a yellow pot right into the center of the circle, this will give China a threat to some, but the Chinese team next two shots are very good, close to the center position, pressure and came to the Canadian side, Fan Su round the last shot, slightly a little deviation, not reaching the intended effect, this gives Canada retain the opportunity,Canada was also very accurate in the last shot, taking advantage of their own back game, to get two points.Reverse the Chinese team.The third, the Chinese team play well, this is at least the first two curling throwing, has occupied a very advantageous position, and very close to the center of the circle, but the two players in Canada, is indeed very good, style, and they don’t like before the team, has been to impact of China’s curling, let China curling up position,Instead, he tries to keep his curling in a certain position before posing a threat on the final shot.China’s third, there is one small mistake, lost critical a second chance, and Canada have two curling closer to the center of the circle, Canada’s female athletes, the success rate is very high, the final vote is also very accurate, both curling than China closer to the center of the circle, the Chinese team the last vote choice put pot, Canada to get the two points has been approved by the ending.The fourth, the first two shots, Canada will still play a very strong, two curling near all close to the center of the circle, they throw the success rate is very high, the state is playing more and more good, for the Chinese team, although it is conducted, but the pressure is on our side, in the third, the Chinese team played a threesome, Canada two curling all fly out of the circle,It was still a very good shot.In the last throw, Fan Suyuan did not use her power to hit the opponent’s ice, but gently knocked the yellow pot away from the center of the circle. After the determination to get two points, the third point was possible after the measurement, because the yellow pot was closer to the center of the circle, so it gave up, and the Chinese team was 4-3 behind temporarily.The fifth, the first three shots are really very anxious, which also saw the strength of the other team Canada, but also the Strength of the Chinese team bite.On the fourth shot, China cleared the front and tried to hit the yellow pot in the center of the circle on the final shot, but Canada guessed China’s intention and continued to use the fourth shot to protect its own pot in the center of the circle.With the last shot, Canada chose to put the pot in, maintaining a two-point lead and leading 6-3 after five innings.Sixth inning, the Chinese team to get at least two points, can be later in the game and Canada, for now, China still has a certain advantage, but the Canadian team two players really powerful, and tactics is reasonable, and not to a brute force attack, in the third, LingZhi played a very good pot, let the yellow pot directly fly out of the circle,The Chinese team three POTS in the camp, and veteran Morris a throw, also let the Chinese team only left a red pot inside.Homan’s final shot was brilliant, like a billiard ball, hitting both Chinese POTS out of base camp with one shot and China taking advantage of the backhand game to score a point.The seventh inning, it matches the tactics is more noticeable, conducted in Canada, just make sure no curling near the center of the circle, China will be able to determine this victory in Canada, you can see the Canadian team every time out, is to hit China’s curling, the final vote, Canada is also impact China’s curling, get two points.With the score 8-4, China must score four points in the next game to enter the extra set.The eighth inning, but the bureau, the Chinese team is very good, Canada is also by a pause to cope with the complicated situation, the Chinese team has two near the center of the circle, but in the final vote, the sudden situation, Canadian contestant horman shoe plate away, so this is a technical pause, as a result, there will be a long time thinking.The ice also has a detrimental effect on Chinese athletes.After a timeout, Canada’s final shot did not break the game, and China’s final shot could not reverse the situation, and eventually China lost 8-6 to Canada.Suffered two straight defeats.