“The world is so big, I want to have a look”, at first because of a resignation letter popular, now has changed

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Nowadays, with the development of Internet technology, students are more open-minded, and we can always see students have all kinds of bizarre ideas, such as “underworld dormitory” and “bizarre reasons for asking for leave”.Nowadays, teachers are getting younger and younger. These young people have brought a lot of vitality to the teaching industry. However, as students, they are unconstrained, but as teachers, they are still full of personality.”The world is so big, I want to have a look”, at the beginning because of a resignation letter popular, but now has changed to believe that most people have heard “the world is so big, I want to have a look” this sentence, this is a teacher’s resignation content, once this sentence popular network, temporarily become everyone’s joke.Gu Shaoqiang is a psychology teacher at a middle school in Henan Province. Although she is not a teacher of the main course, she has an “iron rice bowl”.And in the school, psychology course arrangement is not much, gu teacher’s workload can be said to be very easy, not only rich pay, but also easy and stable work, who looked without a word of envy.But there are a thousand Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand people, stable and comfortable work in everyone’s eyes, but like a yoke in the eyes of the teacher gu, she thinks her talent and knowledge, completely unwilling to accept this kind of day at the end of the eye, she wants to do more meaningful things.So personality direct free and easy gu teacher, resolutely choose to leave, parents and friends of the kind words can not shake her determination, so there is a well-known resignation letter “the world is so big, I want to see”, a short sentence, the way to do her ambition unfulfilled.Fortunately, the leadership of the school is very reasonable, see gu teacher cherish ideal, also no longer obstruct, leave the school gu teacher opened his new journey, but many netizens think she is very silly, put people envy work do not want to pursue the so-called dream.Some netizens support her, saying her courage is admirable. Few people can be so true to themselves. Although it is hard to be a teacher, it is even more valuable to have a dream.Now time flies, gu teacher resigned has passed 6 years, do not know she is still adhere to the dream or has bowed to life.Give up stable “iron rice bowl”, is a young ignorance, or persistence of a dream in my opinion, the behavior of the Monroe ku really bold, after all, find a teacher’s “iron rice bowl” is not easy, let countless students work with abandoned by her, but this kind of thing is totally personal will, we can’t make decisions for others.Miss Gu has been in a state of play after leaving school, but now she has her own family and children, considering the children’s education, miss Gu once yearning for freedom is also settled, and began to accept commercial endorsement.From young disdain to now bow to life, gu teacher said, now his ideas have changed, he was too impulsive when he was young, just can’t go back, can only try to live a good life now.In fact, Teacher Gu’s initial courage affects many young students, but THE author does not agree with the students blindly pursue the so-called freedom and ideal, want to realize their ideals, students need to have enough ability, live in the present also need to speak with strength.Most of the students are young and energetic, always full of good vision for the future, but when you really start to live, you will find that if you have cheated life, it will teach you to admit your mistake.College is the best time for students to improve themselves. While others are playing games and enjoying life, smart students have already obtained high quality certificates to add color to their resumes.Students want to have outstanding strength, it is necessary to seize every opportunity to exercise themselves in college, even some trivial things are rare opportunities to exercise their own ability, only the academic ability to grasp both hands, students can stand out in the fierce competition.My message: Teacher Gu’s enthusiasm infected a lot of young students, but students should also have a clear understanding of themselves, travel can have, but ultimately have to return to life, only the continuous pursuit of more excellent themselves, in order to get closer and closer to the ideal.Topic of the day: What do you think of “travel without leaving”?Feel free to leave a comment below.Here you can gain the latest, the most complete, the most positive point of view and content.(The picture comes from the network, if there is infringement, please contact delete) Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to ting Wan education