Westbrook hits back at fans: I made a lot of sacrifices and you didn’t understand. I want to be myself again

2022-05-20 0 By

Now the lakers situation is very bad, their rankings as a championship team in the west now is only the ninth, it obviously can not satisfied the fans, and less play but also the existence of the level of disaster, when he was on the court the lakers’ offense space is very crowded, except James does not speak well,The Lakers have no one willing to pass him any more. Monk didn’t pass westbrook when he looked wide open against the Knicks, and now many Los Angeles fans are criticizing him.But people blamed is clearly angered the specialist, spoke about the outside world in an interview with time on their own, “he says is true, I saw a lot of people to question me, when I walk down the street and someone come and ask me why don’t you leave the lakers, this is very funny, here is my hometown why should I go?I made a lot of sacrifices and it wasn’t understood, and IT hurt a little bit, and sometimes I thought forget it, I’m going to be myself again, but I think winning is the most important thing, and I want to help the Lakers win, and that’s what I wanted to do as a kid.”Westbrook is under a lot of pressure right now, which has caused him to lose some confidence in his game, he is often very hesitant to attack after getting the ball, his mid-range shot is really bad, his one-handed zombie jump shot was ok in okC, but has completely lost that skill.If that was the worst play less or persistent, then James is sure to lose him, trade deadline is coming soon, if don’t want to be less off, must be completed in the next game in the face of the bucks, media in the United States if the lakers can’t trade him, then will seek to buy for a free place.