At the beginning of the New Year, residents said, “Give him ten thousand thumbs up

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It was 11 o ‘clock in the evening of January 31, with cold wind blowing and light rain in the sky, I walked alone in the laneway of bantian Sealed and controlled Area and rendezvous area of Longgang For more than ten thousand times.When the clock rang for the year of the Tiger, he silently made a wish: I hope the epidemic will pass soon and go home to spend more time with my family.Clockwise dial back a few hours ago, the evening at 7:10 xu, more than ten thousand times and family to eat dinner.After receiving a phone call, he immediately put down his dishes and hurried out the door.In less than 30 minutes, more than ten thousand figures have appeared in the street office.Yu Wanbian is the director of the Sakata Sub-district Labor Office, a veteran Party member, and one of the many anti-epidemic “rebels” in Sakata.In the reunion of the New Year, they resolutely rushed to the front line of the epidemic, to protect the safety of community homes.Serve the residents well,”On February 1, Longgang District designated buildings no. 1 and No. 2, Lane 5, Horseshoe-Hill Community, Gangtou Community, Bantian Street, as closed control areas.The Horseshoe Mountain residential area (except Horseshoe Mountain new Village, Baogang Primary School, Gangtou No.1 Kindergarten, Chamfers section, District 1, Horseshoe Mountain Commercial building E building, Horseshoe Mountain basketball court, gangtou community workstation) in the range of east of Madame Curie Avenue, south of Gangxi Road, west of Banxue Gang Avenue and north of Jiaxian Road is designated as the control area.The night before, more than ten thousand times as the lockdown control area, the control area of the emergency response person in charge, after participating in the street epidemic prevention and control deployment, immediately rushed to the horseshoe Mountain will be closed control of the scene.I will take more walks in the lanes of the containment and control areas to see if all the residents have gone upstairs to ensure safety and order.”More than ten thousand times recalled.And when the clock rang, he silently made a wish: hope the country is peaceful and people are safe, the epidemic will pass as soon as possible, and go home to spend more time with his family.At that time, the sky has been floating cold rain, more than ten thousand times said “very cold”.Much to his delight, an old colleague who happened to live in the controlled area brought him a hot water bottle and a blanket.So, in the middle of the night, wrapped in blankets, sitting in tents, mobile phones on “ready”.The reporter learned that More than 10,000 times has worked in the street stability and comprehensive Control Office and the Labor Office. He was also the person in charge of emergency response in the new world epidemic control area before, and accumulated a lot of experience in emergency response.In everyone’s eyes, Yu Wan times is the “big steward of life” of residents in the control area and a good expert in dispute mediation.How should residents go to the hospital if they are sick?How does solitary old person repast?Can’t get out of the controlled area. Where are you staying?As for all kinds of “difficult and miscellaneous diseases” in the containment and control areas, he said for more than ten thousand times,” We have dealt with them calmly and orderly, and do our best to serve the residents well.”Street colleagues and residents also called Yu Wan Wan “ten thousand likes” with a smile.On the first day of the Lunar New Year, I received hundreds of calls from two mobile phones at the same time.In his spare time, the “butler” also delivers meals and New Year wishes to the elderly who live alone.On the first day of the New Year, bantian more than 600 party members and cadres fighting the epidemic line for the New Year in the control area, more than 20 years of party years of more than ten thousand times firmly said :” There will be a call to return, back to the fight, the fight can win!”There are many, many others.After receiving the report on New Year’s Eve, Bantian Street took action overnight and quickly established 10 working groups, including comprehensive coordination group, public health group, material support group, express delivery group, medical disease control group, emergency treatment group and nucleic acid sampling group, to clarify the leaders and responsibilities of each group.At the same time, the on-site headquarters of the containment and control area were quickly set up to carry out environmental disinfection, regional containment, nucleic acid sampling and personnel screening overnight.It is found that there are 133 houses in the area, currently inhabited by more than 1500 residents.For special groups of people, the New Year’s Eve began to set up building services wechat group, quickly opened a 24-hour service hotline.Up to now, 28 people with special conditions have been identified, including pregnant women, hypertensive patients, elderly people living alone and the blind. A total of 221 cases have been handled by the hotline.On February 1, the staff of street, community, public security, medical and public health were busy at the scene, despite the cold weather accompanied by rain.Workers in white protective suits are delivering deliveries to households.On the first day of the lunar New Year, sakata street also started regional nucleic acid sampling work.According to statistics, the same day, Bantian a total of more than 600 party cadres, more than 2,000 staff and volunteers rushed to the front line to fight the epidemic, in everyone reunion Chinese New Year, to build a strong epidemic prevention barrier for the community home.The lowest temperature on the first day of the first lunar month was less than 10 ℃, but the site where nucleic acid samples were taken was warm.At the nucleic acid sampling site of Wanke City community, many residents will attach a New Year greeting when they come to sample.At the nucleic acid sampling site of Ma antang community, staff members received cakes from caring citizens.Wuhe community workers boiled warm ginger tea for on-site medical staff and volunteers.Nucleic acid sampling in the rain, though freezing, is even more touching.Shenzhen Evening News reporter Li Qicong photography Wang Feng