Bazhou District Chinese Herbal Medicine Modern Agricultural Park was named “five-star Modern Agricultural Park” in Sichuan Province.

2022-05-21 0 By

Recently, the provincial government decided to name 12 “five-star modern agricultural parks”, 19 “four-star modern agricultural parks”, and 31 “three-star modern agricultural parks”, and bazhou District of Bazhong City modern Agricultural park of Traditional Chinese medicine has been listed in the “five-star modern agricultural parks”.Bazhou area in recent years, seize the province’s “10 + 3” to speed up the construction of modern agriculture industry system an important opportunity, according to the municipal party committee “build a modern industrial system, cultivate strong modern industrial park” job requirements, the construction of modern agricultural park as the “three rural” work “key” to grasp, based on the unique advantages of qinba mountains of natural drug storeroom,With the goal of industrial integration and efficient development, bazhou District has constantly improved infrastructure, extended industrial chain, enriched industrial forms, and meticulously built bazhou District Modern Chinese medicinal materials agricultural park, breaking a new road of rural revitalization and development with unique mountain characteristics.