Clean units create | epidemic prevention, service “balance”

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“Hello, please wear a mask and show me your health code and travel code. Have you been to other places recently?”Recently, at the gate of the office hall of the Administrative Service Center of Longyou County, while doing a good job of self-protection, the staff warmly guided everyone to enter the office in an orderly manner, and did a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic for them, such as measuring the temperature of the light code, information registration.”For those returning from medium-high risk areas, we will ask them to sign a letter of commitment, including their name, mobile phone number, ID card number and other basic information, so as to ensure that they can trace back to the source in a timely manner.”County administrative service center accept Chen Xiaozhe introduced.As a crowded public place, longyou County Administrative Service Center is one of the important places for epidemic prevention and control.In the office hall, the personnel in red vests also patiently guide the masses to prepare relevant information in advance, one by one into the corresponding business management area, and timely remind them to always keep a safe distance of more than 1 meter.In order to ensure that the public work environment clean and tidy, safe and orderly, the county administrative service center also every day to arrange cleaning personnel irregularly on the office area, stairwell and other places to clean and disinfect, effectively complete disinfection.Safe, convenient and efficient service has also won praise from the masses.”The quarantine measures are in place and the staff will remind you in time.After coming to handle business is also quite quick, very convenient.Citizens Mr. Square said.In addition to epidemic prevention and control, the county administrative service Center has also continuously optimized measures for convenience, further unblocked online service channels, and improved the convenience of citizens.”We created a wechat official account on the wechat terminal to re-publicize the process of ‘Net Office’ and ‘handle Office’.”Qian Juhong, a member of the party group and deputy director of the county business Office, said that the center also made public the business consultation telephone number of each section and the “maximum call once” telephone number, so that people can consult by phone.(original manuscript, reprint please specify: “Micro dragon you”) Graphic/Zheng Yilin editor/Shao Meixia producer/Zhang Chengyue like, please point good!