Guangdong: introduced a series of measures to bail out enterprises

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According to the press conference of guangdong Provincial Government information Office on the afternoon of March 25, in order to coordinate epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development, promote the steady operation of guangdong economy and support the healthy development of market players,The executive meeting of the Guangdong Provincial government reviewed and approved three incentive policies and measures, including Several Measures of Guangdong Province to Promote the Recovery and development of difficult Industries in the service sector, Action Plan of Guangdong Province to Promote the Steady Growth of Industrial Economy, and Ten Measures to Accelerate the High-quality Development of The Prepared Vegetable Industry in Guangdong.Huang Huadong, deputy director of Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission, said that there are 47 specific policies and measures in Guangdong Province to promote the recovery and development of difficult industries in the service sector, with the focus on reducing the production and operation costs of enterprises and optimizing the business environment of enterprises, supporting the market players in the service sector to tide over difficulties and recover their development.It will provide strong support for Guangdong to keep its economy operating within a reasonable range.The reporter noted that the 47 policy measures can be divided into three major aspects:First, inclusive support measures will be adopted for all service industries, including extending the policy of additional VAT deductions in 2022. In 2022, small-sized VAT taxpayers, small enterprises with low profits and individual businesses will be subject to a 50% VAT reduction of six taxes and two fees, and more loans will be provided to encourage financial institutions to cut fees and transfer profits.The second is to put forward rescue support measures for catering, retail, tourism, road, waterway and railway transport, civil aviation and other five industries with special difficulties.For example, the catering industry provides subsidies for epidemic prevention expenses, and guides online food delivery companies to lower service fees for catering businesses.Support retail enterprises to develop county commercial system construction, strengthen agricultural supply chain system construction;The tourism industry will temporarily withdraw the guarantee of tourism service quality, strengthen financing support for tourism enterprises, and arrange bailout support funds for cultural and tourism enterprises.In terms of highway, waterway and railway transport industry, relevant oil price subsidy policies were introduced to strengthen financing support for highway, waterway and railway transport enterprises.In terms of civil aviation, the government will increase support for civil aviation infrastructure projects, strive for central financial funds to support the development of civil aviation, and strengthen financing support for civil aviation enterprises.Third, create a favorable environment for the development of the service industry, implement precise epidemic prevention and control measures, and resolutely prevent and avoid the two tendencies of “relaxing epidemic prevention and control” and “excessive prevention and control”.People from low-risk areas shall not be prohibited from returning home;The scope of medium-high risk areas should not be expanded at will.Travel restrictions shall not be arbitrarily extended from medium-high risk areas and the district (county) to the local city;People in low-risk areas shall not be quarantined or persuaded to return without authorization.The period of quarantine shall not be arbitrarily extended.In 2021, the total industrial added value of Guangdong exceeded 4.5 trillion yuan, continuing to rank first in China, and the contribution rate of the total industrial added value reached more than 40% for the first time since 2015, with a year-on-year increase of 9%.Chen Ji, a member of the party group of the Department of Industry and Information technology of Guangdong Province, introduced that the province drafted the Action plan of Promoting the steady growth of industrial economy in Guangdong Province, which proposed eight actions and 32 measures.Among them, there are five actions and 23 measures, including tax and fee reduction, financing promotion, supply and price stabilization, investment boost and resource factor protection, which are the policy contents of guangdong province.The provincial investment promotion action will establish and improve the “leader” responsibility system for attracting investment, speed up the construction of major projects and new infrastructure, promote 8500 industrial enterprises to carry out technological transformation, and build more than 30,000 5G base stations.The action to ensure resource factors focuses on ensuring industrial land, energy use and employment, and prioritizing major industrial projects in territorial and spatial planning.At the same time, the guangdong industry chain supply chain resilience to promote action focuses on establishing early warning mechanism, strategic reserve mechanism, guarantee the key production supplies, comprehensive promote the construction of 20 strategic industrial cluster, improve scientific and technological innovation driving force, vigorously promote the integrated circuit, the core software, new display equipment research and development and pilot application,We will increase policy support for the “first set” and “first batch” programs, expand the application of ict products, and consolidate the industrial foundation.Prepared vegetables are a new model for the integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries in rural areas, and a new business model to improve the quality and efficiency of the “Vegetable Basket” project.Gao Qingying, deputy director of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department of Guangdong Province, said that the prepared dishes industry in Guangdong province is gaining momentum in the face of the complex and severe global epidemic situation.However, the development of the prepared vegetable industry in Guangdong province is still in the preliminary exploration stage, and the foundation of all aspects is not solid, so we need to take more efforts and more effective measures to support the high-quality development of the prepared vegetable industry.Hence the Ten Measures.Based on multiple fields, the “Ten Measures” plan to promote the development of Prepared dishes industry in Guangdong in various and all-round ways through the ten measures:Construction of precast joint research and development platform, build prefabrication food quality safety regulation system, strengthen the food industry cluster, fostering prefabrication food demonstration enterprises, develop the food industry talents, promote the construction of precast food warehouse cold-chain logistics, broaden prefabrication food brand marketing channels, to promote the food towards the international market, strengthening financial insurance support, prefabricated construction of guangdong food culture scienceThe highlands.