Let “saplings” grow into “towering trees”

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“Do people centered real” series | comprehensive judicial protection: let the saplings grow into towering tree “” the prosecutor elder sister, I got my first month salary!I want to give you your money back…”The child who called Liu Dong, a prosecutor of Bazhou District People’s Procuratorate in Bazhong City, Sichuan Province, was xiao An (pseudonym), a minor who was conditionally exempted from prosecution for theft in 2021.At that time, xiao An paid his fare to the victim, but it was still not enough. Liu Dong lent xiao an his own money.Now, Xiao an insists on returning the money to Liu. “Your trust and help have always warmed me and helped me rise from the ashes. Now I have become a volunteer, hoping to spread such love to more people.”Yang Sumei, a staff member of the Bazhou District Women’s Federation, felt relieved: “Xiao An’s mother died early, and her father is disabled, so it’s easy for her to go the wrong way.The procuratorial organ contacted us and the village committee to work together to formulate a help and education plan for Xiao An, issue a supervision and supervision order, and carry out family education and guidance.From going astray to growing up healthily, Ann’s change is the biggest affirmation for us.”The healthy growth of children is a long-term project of the country.In recent years, the procuratorial organ to implement the “number one procuratorial advice” for the drawing, specification “for catching, v,,, teaching” integration work mechanism, carry out centralized minors procuratorial business is dealt with, to strengthen the minors in procuratorial work specialization, standardization, social construction, and actively respond to the new era of the masses of the people development of judicial protection of minors “more good” concerns,Escort the healthy growth of minors.Strengthen supervision and deepen the implementation of the practice of juvenile prosecution written into law, the country is strong.The young people of contemporary China are not only witnesses to the realization of the first Centenary Goal, but also a new force for the realization of the second Centenary Goal and the building of a great modern socialist country.Since the 18th NATIONAL Congress of the CPC, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core has attached great importance to the protection of minors, and made important instructions and decisions on many occasions, setting clear requirements for improving the legal system for the protection of minors and improving the effectiveness of the protection of minors.In order to implement Xi Jinping’s thought on the rule of law, respond to the needs of The Times and the will of the people, and promote the “rule of China”, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate set up the Ninth Procuratorial Office (Procuratorial Office for Minors), requiring procuratorial organs at all levels to set up juvenile procuratorial departments from top to bottom, with special personnel in charge of the procuratorial work for minors.This change is a milestone in the judicial protection of minors.In October 2018, the SPP issued the “No.1 Procuratorial Recommendation” to the Ministry of Education in response to a case of protesting against a teacher’s sexual assault on students, which was the first procuratorial recommendation on social governance in the history of the SPP.In order to prevent more children from being harmed, the PARTY group of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate has never changed its determination to supervise the implementation of the “No. 1 Procuratorial Proposal”.At the national procurator-general meeting held recently, the PARTY group of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate reiterated its insistence that “no. 1 Procuratorial proposal” should be followed up “endlessly” and continuously supervised and implemented.With the deepening of practice, the main content of the “No. 1 Procuratorial Suggestion” has changed from the prevention of sexual assault to the implementation of laws and regulations on the comprehensive supervision of the protection of minors.”Sexual assault on minors is a pain point in society. The first procuratorial Proposal was adopted by the procuratorial organs to urge all departments to take responsibility and fulfill their duties voluntarily, which is a strong manifestation of the practice of the ‘three conscionances’.”Li Mingshun, vice president of the Marriage Law Research Institute of the China Law Society, said that in addition to focusing on the traditional criminal prosecution of minors, the procuratorial organs also pay more attention to the use of a variety of means to carry out comprehensive judicial protection of minors, and many explorations and practices have been highly concerned and widely recognized by the society.Many procuratorial practices have been written into the revised Law on the Protection of Minors and the Law on the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency, such as recruitment inquiries, mandatory reporting, one-stop evidence collection for juvenile victims, family education, guidance, supervision and support for prosecution, and public interest litigation for the protection of minors.Practice has proved that these explorations are in line with China’s national conditions and effective.At the 58th biweekly consultation forum of the 13th CPPCC National Committee held on December 24, 2021, some CPPCC members, experts and scholars fully affirmed the procuratorial work of minors and put forward opinions and suggestions when deliberating on “promoting judicial protection of minors’ rights and interests”.As much as deployment, as much as implementation.In order to ensure rigid implementation and make voluntary reporting voluntary, the SPP has established a mandatory reporting system of “mandatory investigation for every case”.By the end of October 2021, the number of cases handled by procuratorial organs through compulsory reporting had reached 1,657, up 4.4 times from 306 cases in 2018.Since May 2021, the SPP has launched a special campaign of legal supervision on the protection of minors among procuratorial organs across the country, to further encourage functional departments and relevant entities to fulfill their duties in accordance with the law and implement all legal provisions on the protection of minors.The campaign will continue until December.There is no end to the work of prosecuting minors.As the only political and legal organ that fully participates in the judicial protection of minors, the procuratorial organ has been committed to the procuratorial work of minors to the front and extend to the back, so that every child and family have a more realistic sense of gain, happiness and security.According to the time, according to the situation.Proceeding from the principle of being in the best interest of minors and aiming at achieving comprehensive judicial protection of minors, procuratorial organs have explored the possibility of unifying the procuratorial work of criminal, civil, administrative and public interest litigation involving minors by the departments not under investigation, so as to prevent the protection of minors’ legitimate rights and interests from being handled separately and to give preferential treatment to one sector at a time.In April 2020, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate issued the Opinions of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on Strengthening procuratorial Work for Minors in the New Era, proposing to promote the centralized handling of procuratorial work for minors across the country starting in 2021.Fu Dongmei, head of the “Dongmei Sister” team of dong ‘an District Procuratorate of Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, said that criminal cases involving minors have a large number of clues that infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of minors. Unified and centralized handling of cases is more in line with the law of judicial handling, which is more conducive to improving the quality and efficiency of juvenile protection.The heavier responsibilities and higher requirements given by the “Two Laws” and the “Opinions of the CPC Central Committee on Strengthening the Legal Supervision of Procuratorial Organs in the New Era” have been implemented in a number of businesses and links.In a case of sexual assault on a minor handled by the hospital, the suspect had sex with the girl more than 20 times even though he knew she was under the age of 14. The suspect was arrested soon after the girl’s parents reported the case.The hospital cooperated with the public security bureau, women’s Federation and other departments to conduct “one-stop” forensics to avoid causing “secondary harm” to the girl.While punishing the crime in accordance with the law, the hospital also actively provides psychological assistance to help the girl regain sunshine.”While striving to improve the quality and efficiency of handling cases, we also actively performed our duties. After extensive visits and investigations, we extended the legal supervision of the protection of minors to other places stipulated by the mandatory reporting system.”In order to form a “protection circle” for minors, the hospital has set up a “social governance group for Minors in Dong ‘an District” with several other institutions and countersigned the system documents, Fu said.”We are duty-bound to protect the physical and mental health of young people.”Wang Huan, director of the Dongan District Culture, Sports, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau, said that after the establishment of the social governance group, the bureau quickly checked the situation of Internet cafes, KTV and other places in the area of violation of minors reception, and further strengthen the publicity and education of the law, together with the prosecution to build a defense line for minors protection.Xu Bin, deputy director of East ‘an Branch of Mudanjiang Public Security Bureau, said that the bureau attaches great importance to and actively solves the problems reported by the procuratorial organs, and will focus on strengthening cooperation with all parties in the next step to protect the healthy growth of minors.”I can’t handle it!It hurts like peeling off a layer of skin. I don’t want to wash it…”40% of Lin’s skin is tattooed. After a round of cleaning, the tattoo is still hard to remove, but Lin’s skin is inflamed.”I washed it five or six times a year and spent more than 10,000 yuan, but I still can’t get it clean.”After many inquiries, Xiao Lin mother learned that the complete cleaning tattoo to go to the field, the price is more than 150 thousand yuan, the effect is not guaranteed.Xiao Lin, who lives in the countryside, could not afford such a large sum of money.But the tattoo is not “except”, Xiao Lin is faced with the internship period can not be converted to the plight, this job bearing, is his hope for the future.Chu Xiaoyan, a justice and Social Service Center for Minors in Shuyang County, Jiangsu Province, sees and worries about xiao Lin’s situation.For a long time, children have blindly followed the behavior of tattoos, which stems from a ‘social’ complex, and the supervision of schools, families, society and other aspects is not in place. It is urgent to promote the solution through legal means.””After the prosecution traced to the source of governance, tattoo this matter was’ tube ‘live, we here no tattoo shop dare to give minors human body.”Zhu Manli, deputy of jiangsu Provincial People’s Congress and educational director of Jiangsu Shuyang Senior High School, said that suqian procuratorial organs were the first to pay attention to and handle the country’s first civil public interest lawsuit concerning the sexual body of minors, which promoted the people’s Congress of Shuyang County to adopt a resolution banning the sexual body of minors, providing a new solution to the problem.In view of the deep-rooted governance problems that need to be solved in tattoo rectification, in October 2021, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate submitted an Analysis report on the Situation of The Cultural Identity of Minors to the Leading Group for The Protection of Minors of The State Council, which has been highly valued and actively promoted.The prosecution’s efforts do not stop there.To help minors who cannot apply for college entrance exams because their criminal records have been leaked realize their dreams;”Supervision and guardianship orders” will be issued to parents who do not want to or do not know how to handle dereliction of duty, and family education and guidance will be provided.Punish the Internet “big bad Wolf”, protect minors’ personal information…Has been paying attention to the National People’s Congress of minors protection, secretary of the central committee of department of social services Ma Chuankai notice from the vast majority of cases, the procuratorial organs is more and more like a “parents”, for children both pay attention to the correct and effective control in accordance with the law, education, and it is also focus on accurate comprehensive protection, promote social management innovation, work must be carried out more and more deep, more and more thin.In recent years, the procuratorial organs have always adhered to the principle of addressing the source of litigation, pushing forward the work and preventing cases involving minors to the maximum extent.”By tracing to the source of governance, there are fewer and fewer cases involving minors in the procuratorial link, which is our greatest wish to strengthen the comprehensive judicial protection of minors.”A prosecutor from the Ninth Procuratorial Office of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate expressed his thoughts to reporters.Realizing this vision cannot be done alone.In recent years, the procuratorial organs have made full use of the strength and advantages of the social support system in top-level design and grassroots practice, actively integrated into the other “five protection”, promoted “1+5>6= ‘real'”, truly formed the collective force of the whole society for protection, and promoted the modernization of national governance system and capacity.(Shi Zhaokun, reporter of our newspaper, trainee reporter Guo Rongrong) Source: Procuratorial Daily