Starting from April 1, the driving test will be changed in two aspects: the internship period and the theory test will be cancelled

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Nowadays, cars have become one of the indispensable means of transportation in people’s life, so now more and more people buy cars, and more and more people learn driving license.With the increase of car ownership, China’s road traffic environment has undergone great changes, some previous traffic laws and regulations can no longer meet the needs of the current social development, so from April 1, China will implement new traffic laws and regulations.Each type of driving license has corresponding models that can be driven, for example, the most common C1 and C2 licenses correspond to private small cars.If you want to drive a motorcycle, you need an E or D license, so different drivers need different licenses.In the past, whether it is the first time to get A license or driving license, there will be A one-year internship period. During the internship period, owners need to pay attention to A lot of matters, such as A, B large car driving license can not deduct more than 6 points during the internship, otherwise, the internship period will be extended for one year.However, after the new regulation, the internship period after the driver’s license is increased will be cancelled. For example, if the driver has a C license and then increases the B license, the one-year internship period will be lost and the driver can normally use the driver’s license.Type 2:4 kinds of driver’s driving or upgrade to cancel the course and course four exam 1: F certificate upgrade E certificate after the new national standard for electric cars, electric motorcycle, electric light “were defined as motor vehicle, a driver’s license is needed to the road, the electric light the need is F, need power is E card, in addition to fuel motorcycle need is E pass.If the owner of an F license wants to drive an E license, he/she will also need to take the four subjects.However, after the implementation of the new regulations, the process of increasing the F license to drive the E license only needs to take the examination of subject 2 and subject 3.As mentioned above, the type of E license that can be driven is electric two-wheeled motorcycle or fuel two-wheeled motorcycle. If you need to drive a three-wheeled motorcycle, you need to increase the driving D license, and THE D license also includes the E license.After the new regulation comes into force, the theory exams of subject 1 and subject 4 will also be removed from the TEST of E-driving certificate and D-driving certificate, which will greatly save time.C2 driver’s license can only be used to drive small cars with automatic transmission. If you want to drive manual transmission models, you will need to increase your C1 driver’s license. Starting from April 1, the process of increasing C2 driver’s license will also be cancelled for subjects 1 and 4, and you will only need to take the field driving skills of subjects 2 and 3.After the new regulations come into force, China will add a new type of driving license, the C6 license, which can be used for light tractor-trailer vehicles, such as the most common towed trailer required.The only way to get a C6 license is to increase driving, as one of the requirements is to have a driving license.If the owner has a C1 or C2 driving license, in the process of increasing driving C6, he only needs to take the test of subject 2 and subject 3, and does not need to take the test of theoretical knowledge.The changes in the above two aspects are very favorable, convenient for people to take the driver’s license, greatly save time, improve the efficiency of obtaining the license, life in the future is more and more aspect, the corresponding system will be more and more perfect.