The empire of the Ku family!Kuminga appearances > Wiseman!No. 7 pick or ahead of no. 2?

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There are so many talented players in the NBA, but it’s not easy to show talent on the court.What do you mean you have to be patient and wait for your chance to play?Many NBA stars are talented, but they don’t live up to expectations.Typical examples are Derrick Rose, Greg Oden and Tracy McGrady, all three of whom were destroyed by injuries.For rookie players, they may not have a lot of time, they may not have a lot of shots, but they have to stay healthy.You have to stay healthy to practice, and you have to stay healthy to get a chance to play.The 2020 NBA draft’s top three are increasingly divided.Edwards, the No. 1 overall pick, and lamelo Ball, the no. 2 overall pick, have been playing at almost all-star level, while Wiseman, the no. 2 pick, seems to be a long way off, having not played a game this season because of injuries.On the contrary, the Warriors’ no. 7 pick this season is playing better and better, Kuminga this season has surpassed the number of games wiseman last season.Maybe Kuminga can beat Wiseman to it.Kuminga has played 41 games this season, starting four of them.Wiseman has played in 39 games over the past two years, having been sidelined by injuries during the second half of last season.If you look at the numbers, Wiseman averaged close to 12 points and six rebounds last season, and Wiseman is averaging close to seven points and three rebounds this season.There seems to be a difference between the two, but Kuminga is more mature on the court.Because of the college controversy, Wiseman didn’t grind his way through college like other rookies.Instead of playing in an overseas league like Lamelo, he trained himself for the NBA draft.Kuminga played last season in the D-League, which proved to be a very good testing ground.There are a lot of former NBA players, there are a lot of NBA players who want to play here, it will be very intense.So Kuminga has adapted quickly this season.In the last two games, Kuminga has averaged nearly 28 minutes and scored a total of 37 points.Kuminga has a very outstanding physical quality, strong fighting ability, good at breaking through the end.Playing in the Warriors’ passing system, Kminga is in his element.Kminga knew he wasn’t a good three-point shooter, so he took the initiative to create opportunities with counterattacks and inside cuts.Despite his physical talents, Wiseman was criticized last season for having a low basketball IQ due to his lack of professional experience.He didn’t know how to screen, he didn’t know how to move, a lot of shots were very unwise.The Warriors don’t have a specific timetable for Wiseman’s return at this stage, but Kuminga is playing more and more minutes and shooting more and more.Kminga’s career trajectory is the opposite of Wiseman’s, who gained significant minutes and shot power upon arriving with the Warriors last season.But his performance fell short of expectations.Kuminga has earned the trust of Warriors coach Kerr as the season has progressed.Looks like no. 7 pick Kuminga is going to beat No. 2 pick Wiseman.Hopefully Wiseman will train and recover as soon as possible, no matter how talented he is, it will be useless if he can’t show it on the court.Readers, how do you rate Kuminga’s season and when do you think Wiseman will be back?