The most anticipated SUV models in 2022, all have hard power, want to buy a car again wait

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In the last few months of 2021, the limelight of joint venture automobile brands is completely stolen by the independent companies. New forces launch new cars, and the independent car companies simply launch new sub-brands one after another, which is an early prelude to the battle for the 2022 automobile market.In 2022, however, the joint venture brands are also gaining strength. In the context of the return of Great Wall, which has sold SUV for more than ten years, to the car market, Hafu will continue to play a leading role in the SUV market. At the same time, some popular SUV models of joint venture automobile brands will also usher in significant updates.Haval Haval Cool Dog price range: 100 million yuan from (forecast price) vehicle positioning: Compact SUV body size:4520/1875/1745mm/2710mm Haval after selling the big dog, quickly found a new force into the low-end hard SUV market — Haval Cool Dog, boxy body style from the tank into the Haval brand, and Cool dog in addition to the use of square box body structure,Also enable the extended transparent D column, polygon off-road wheel eyebrow, anti-collision bumper and so on belong to different factions ORV classical elements, and at that time, Toyota TJ series, the shadow of the old land rover found and so on classical suvs are in the cool dog, whether concept version, or a pre-production test and car, harvard cool dog did not disclose specific interior design,But through the photos after exposure, as well as harvard in the car compartment with onboard systems to intelligent route, cool dog is bound to usher in the LCD screen, intelligent voice control, as well as a high level of auxiliary driving interconnected system and so on intelligence, not surprisingly, what we see in the big dog looked up display, wireless charging and intelligent key parts are not absent.In terms of power, previously reported information has indicated that Hafu Cool Dog will share a new 1.5-ton turbocharged engine with red Rabbit, God Beast and other new-stage SUVs, which will provide the vehicle with a maximum power of 135kW(184Ps) and a maximum torque of 275N·m, and may continue to match the Getrak 7-speed wet dual-clutch transmission.It is not yet known whether there will be a four-wheel-drive off-road version with dual differential, tank turn, and creep mode.Hodan Honda cr-V price range: 169,800 yuan to 299,800 yuan (including new energy version)We don’t need to say much about the Honda CR-V, which hasn’t been sold for years on looks, although it got some visual updates in areas like the bumper and the black Jazz with kits in last year’s mid-range remodel,Comparable to RAV4, qijun and other direct rivals in the past iteration this year, the absence is almost meaning.However, with the new cr-V being exposed to renderings overseas, the CR-V is beginning to take on a new edge, and while many elements of the current product remain, the details are indeed becoming more refined and modern.The interior hasn’t been fully exposed, but it’s clear that the fifth-generation CR-V will have a family-owned central control layout similar to the new Civic, with a full LCD dashboard, a coherent air outlet, a floating touch screen and a shift mechanism that leans toward the main driver’s side to surround it.It is reported that this generation of models will also usher in an overall increase in size to adapt to the domestic market demand for three-row, seven-seater cars.In terms of power, Earth Dream technology will continue to be the main force, but compared with the current 1.5T fuel engine, the fifth generation CR-V will gradually push the hybrid system to the main position. Among them, the cash new energy version of the 2.0L naturally aspirated engine is expected to remain, and continue to plug in with the electric motor.In addition, the first all-electric CR-V will also appear in this generation’s lineup.Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Outlander price range: 159,800 to 225,800 yuan (cash)For a long time, Outlander has been considered as an SUV with a “golden exterior and a bad exterior”. The reason why it can maintain a certain amount of monthly sales is largely due to its low price, large space and comprehensive driving performance brought by the four-wheel drive system. However, its interior and on-board system have been in the lower reaches of the same market for a long time.But from the fourth generation, outlander with a high level of appearance will be consistent.In terms of interior decoration, although Mitsubishi Outlander will not completely transfer the appearance of the fourth generation Of Qi Jun, it will be highly similar to Qi Jun in intelligent interconnection after the co-production platform and electrical and electronic architecture.The same 12.3-inch LCD touch screen, electronic gear shift, a special four-spoke steering wheel and diamond-texted leather seats are already available.At the same time, the Outlander’s seven-seater layout has always been an advantage over the other two SUVs, and the new generation, which will grow to 4710mm, will retain this feature.Also because of the co-production with Qi-jun, Outlander will have mitsubishi’s excellent super-selective four-wheel drive system, but also through 2.4L naturally aspirated engine and dual motor together inserted mix, which may introduce the cash Outlander PHEV in the overseas market to the domestic market.In addition, Mitsubishi will supply the Outlander with its own 1.5T turbocharged engine rather than nissan’s three-cylinder, reassuring consumers who expect mitsubishi to return.Whether they are perennial winners of their own SUVs or joint venture brands eager to secure a foothold in the market, the slowing growth of SUVs remains a hot item for carmakers themselves.Especially in the new energy into the new era of the present, who can take the lead to win the favor of consumers through new products, who can reshape the brand power of the way, for the future new energy SUV version or new product layout grab the lead.For consumers, these three new SUVs are all positioned in the compact market. Under the condition of maintaining the threshold of 100,000-170,000 level, they can also provide different interests such as hard off-road, intelligent driving and Internet entertainment, etc. It is not impossible to wait for them in the first half of the year. The price, size and other data used in this paper are all models on sale.