Zhao Feiyan had made Emperor Han obsessed, why lost to his sister Zhao Hede?How did he end up dead?

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There were many beauties in ancient China, such as Yang Yuhuan, Wang Zhaojun, Xi Shi, etc. However, when it comes to beauties, we have to mention the sisters Zhao Feiyan and Zhao Hede in the Western Han Dynasty.Zhao Feiyan and Zhao Hede, who were not only beautiful, but also talented and graceful dancers, fascinated emperor Cheng of the Han Dynasty.However, as people often say, “beauty is always a curse”, the sisters had a great influence on the Western Han Dynasty, and even influenced the history of the late Western Han Dynasty.So what happened to these two gorgeous women in their lives?What happened in the end?The first empress of Emperor Cheng of Han was actually Empress Xu. Empress Xu was the daughter of Xu Jia, the eldest brother of Gong Ai Empress Xu Pingjun of Emperor Xuan of Han, and the cousin of Liu Suk of Emperor Yuan of Han.Empress Xu and Ban Jieyu were both favored by Emperor Cheng of han.Later, emperor Cheng went to princess Yang’s house in disguise. He fell in love with zhao Feiyan, a dancer of the princess’s house. He took a fancy to her at a glance and took her to the palace.Zhao Feiyan was greatly favored by Emperor Cheng, and later her sister was called into the palace.Both of them are extremely beautiful beauty, as soon as they entered the palace, all the people in the palace were sealed as Jieyu, since then Queen Xu and Ban Jieyu are out of favor.In spite of this, Zhao Feiyan is not satisfied, she to the Emperor into calumny, said queen Xu and Ban Jieyu curse harem favored beauty, even the emperor also cursed.Emperor Cheng of Han dynasty listened to Zhao Feiyan’s slurs and deposed Queen Xu. Queen Xu’s sister Xu Ye was killed, and all the relatives of the Xu family were deported back to the original county.Xu was completely fight down, Zhao Feiyan with the winner’s attitude to secure the position in the harem.Ban Jieyu is clever, see this situation, afraid that they are not allowed by the Zhao sisters, so asked the emperor to let her go to the long letter palace to serve the queen mother, the emperor allowed.Empress Xu had been deposed, Emperor Cheng wanted to appoint Zhao Feiyan as queen, but the empress Dowager Wang Zhengjun disliked Zhao Feiyan’s low birth and did not agree.Chun Yuchang, the son of the empress dowager’s sister, sent messages for Emperor Cheng many times. After many messages, the Empress Dowager agreed.Emperor Cheng of Han dynasty wanted to make Zhao Feiyan queen, and made his father Zhao Lin Marquis of Chengyang.Liu Fu rebuked Emperor Cheng of han for indulging in lust and being obsessed with his humble daughter.However, emperor Cheng of the Han Dynasty did not listen to the advice. Instead, he put Liu Fu in prison. His court officials did not know why he had been arrested.In this way, Zhao Feiyan was conferred the title of empress, mother yi world, became the head of the harem.Second, Zhao Feiyan let Emperor Cheng han obsession, why later lost to his sister Zhao Hede?After Zhao Feiyan was appointed empress, Zhao Hede was conferred the title of Zhao Yi.Zhao Feiyan’s beauty can be ranked on the list of beauties in history, but when her sister Zhao Hede entered the palace, she took her place and became emperor Cheng’s favorite woman.Why so beautiful Zhao Feiyan, can lose to younger sister Zhao Hede?Personally feel zhao Hede is new, let han Emperor more fresh, Zhao Hede in the heart of men more means.It is said that “since ancient times, the deep feeling cannot be retained, only the set wins the hearts of the people”. When it comes to being sensible and virtuous, few people were comparable to Ban Jieyu. Emperor Cheng of Han Dynasty once let her ride in a car with him, but she refused.Ban Jiyu said: “I look at the ancient pictures, the sage king followed by famous officials, the last emperor around concubines, now your Majesty let me ride in a car, is it similar to the latter?”So virtuous and virtuous Ban Jieyu, even the queen mother praised her, said: “Fan Ji, now there is Ban Jieyu!”But even if the virtuous such as Ban Jieyu, were finally left out by emperor Han, it can be seen that a woman with virtue may not be favored, only a woman with means and scheming can win over the emperor’s heart.Compared to Zhao Feiyan, Zhao Hede knows more about Kings and men, so Zhao Feiyan lost to her.3. What happened to Zhao Feiyan and Zhao Hede?How did he die?Beauty fates not to say just, a lot of time beauty, the woman that be favored does not have good end mostly, be in especially infighting harem, do not have absolute intelligence quotient, means and good luck, small life is lost very easily.After the death of Emperor Cheng of han, the people were in a hubbub.Because emperor Cheng of Han died of strange, the next day dusk and evening were fine, until the morning when Emperor Cheng got up to put on clothes, clothes suddenly fell, he could not speak, then suddenly died.Such a strange way to die, how can not make people doubt, is too obsessed with men and women love.It was absurd and indignant to think of a king dying in his bed.So, everyone’s spearhead is aimed at the most favored zhao Hede at that time, Zhao Hede knows the guilt is deep, can only commit suicide.Compared with Zhao Hede, Zhao Feiyan had much better luck. After the death of Emperor Cheng, Emperor Ai of Han was appointed as the new emperor. Because Emperor Ai was appointed as the crown prince, Zhao Feiyan did a lot of work, so Zhao Hede took the responsibility of seducing the emperor.Emperor Ai of the Han dynasty honored Zhao Feiyan as the empress Dowager in accordance with the proprieties. Empress Dowager Fu, Emperor Ai’s grandmother, was also very close to Zhao Feiyan, so naturally no one investigated her fault.Can come so, Zhao Feiyan was too empress Dowager Wang Zhengjun and wang clan hated.After The death of Emperor Ai of the Han Dynasty, wang’s relatives who did not get along well with Emperor Ai rose rapidly. Only the Empress Dowager was the dominant monarch, and ding and Fu’s two relatives suffered a heavy blow.Zhao Feiyan was implicated, demoted from the empress dowager to xiao Cheng Empress, and moved out of the Palace.Not long after that, he issued an edict saying that Zhao Feiyan had sinned deeply and lost her morality and was dismissed as a civilian.Having suffered such humiliation, Zhao Feiyan knew she would never recover, so she took her own life in anger.