Frozen glutinous rice balls are seen at sihai Lake in Taonan, Jilin Province.

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During the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first lunar month, the Sihai Lake in Taonan, Jilin Province, has a timely spectacle. Numerous ice hockey balls are densely piled under the ice, just like a lake of “ice dumplings”, adding a festive atmosphere and attracting many tourists to take photos and clock in.Article: Baidu platform original author “cooking wine small discussion”, shall not be reproduced without permission.The Lantern Festival is another traditional festival following the Chinese New Year. On the night of the first full moon of the year, there are activities such as lantern viewing, lion dancing, lantern riddles guessing and fireworks, as well as festive food.In the north, “Yuanxiao” is rolled, while in the south, “Tangyuan” is made. Although these are two different cuisines and taste, the same round shape symbolizes reunion and happiness, carrying people’s simple and good wishes.In addition to people rolling yuanxiao, dumplings, this year also followed the nature, a show of uncanny workmanship.In Taonan sihai Lake, Jilin Province, numerous “ice dumplings” magically appear under the crystal clear lake ice, which is very appropriate for the Lantern Festival.Looking at the vast lake, countless ice hockey stacked spread, stretching thousands of meters, magnificent, as if a huge bowl filled with dumplings between heaven and earth.Looking closely at the smooth and transparent lake, the ice pucks of different sizes and slightly irregular shapes are arranged evenly and closely, which is amazing and incredible.This rare sight has attracted many tourists to see the “ice dumplings”.Compared with the steaming hot tangyuan or yuanxiao at home, these cold and huge “tangyuan” have a different flavor, which is not only a feast for the eyes but also drool over.During the ice and snow season, skilled artisans create spectacular and exquisite works of ice and snow to impress the people.Compared with complex artificial works, the shape of these “ice dumplings” is simple, which can be said to be the most elementary shape in nature. However, due to the repeated superposition, qualitative changes caused by quantitative changes, a huge and complicated landscape has been formed, which is beyond people’s reach.People in the nature of the uncanny workmanship, but also curious about the “ice dumplings” wonder is how to form.According to one theory, before the lake was frozen, the moving ice became crushed by wind and waves. As the lake cooled further, the core of the crushed ice further condensed into large ice cubes. Meanwhile, the rotating ice cubes collided and polished into smooth ice balls, which were finally frozen under the lake.While marveling at the wonders nature continues to present beyond our scope of recognition, we are also thankful that nature has unwittingly given us this special gift for Lantern Festival.Do people eat tangyuan or yuanxiao on Lantern Festival?If you want to learn more about how to make wine, follow us