In Changqing Village, west of lvyuan District, Changchun, 69 volunteers helped with nucleic acid testing

2022-05-22 0 By

Changqing Village, west of lvyuan District, Changchun, actively responded to the call of the town Party Committee and took the initiative to participate in epidemic prevention and control work.As the first round of nucleic acid testing was under a tight schedule and a heavy task, Changqing Village quickly contacted other villages (communities) and actively mobilized teachers from three kindergartens under Fenghe Preschool Education Group to set up a team of 69 “Changqing Village Volunteers against COVID-19”, who went to various sites every day to carry out volunteer services and assist in nucleic acid testing.The volunteers in Changqing Village are composed of a group of young and energetic preschool teachers. They are active, patient and serious. They study overnight and become familiar with the operation under the continuous updating of the system.Some volunteers get up more than 4 o ‘clock every day, walk to the centralized shuttle station to wait for the bus;In order to devote themselves to their work, some volunteers entrust their three-year-old children to the care of their neighbors. They go out early and come back late without complaining. They cooperate effectively with the medical staff, standardize the operation and be meticulous.They are lovers, children, parents, and teachers of more than 400 children in the kindergarten.At the same time, they also stick to their posts, no matter how late they go home, they record lessons and edit lesson plans to ensure the smooth development of teaching content without suspension.To shoulder the burden and fight the epidemic together, thank you, Changchun come on!(Green Garden Release)