Contribute to the winter Olympics nongxin strength!A good agricultural commercial bank “Winter Olympics service guarantee vanguard”! Spring Walking grassroots

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Guide a post, a position, a flag.As the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games is about to open, RURAL Commercial Bank of Zhangjiakou will bear in mind its mission, demonstrate its responsibility, and do its best to provide financial services for the Games with high level of enthusiastic service and excellent business skills.Show the “good” style with practical actions, practice the service concept of “better for you”, demonstrate the determination of HEBEI Rural Credit To support and assist the Winter Olympics, and contribute to the hosting of a “wonderful, extraordinary and excellent” Winter Olympics!”I’d like to cash the check.””Please sign your name on the bottom line.”…(” I’d like to cash this check.””Please sign your name on the bottom line.”On January 31, 2022, at the morning meeting of chongli Branch of Rural Commercial Bank of Zhangjiakou, Rong Huiru and the staff in the hall were divided into two groups to conduct routine oral English practice and simulate conversations with foreign customers.After the morning meeting, Rong huiru and her colleagues turned on all the screens and machines in the sales department, ready to add cash to the ATM.In order to provide financial services during the Spring Festival and welcome the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, all branches of Rural Commercial Bank of Zhangjiakou will remain open during the Spring Festival to ensure that financial services will not be closed.As a local financial institution, in response to the call of the country and to fulfill its mission and responsibility, Zhangjiakou RURAL Commercial Bank actively participated in the payment service environment construction of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games. By setting up the “Winter Olympic Service Guarantee Pioneer Team” to settle in Chongli Sub-branch, zhangjiakou Rural Commercial Bank can guarantee and improve the quality of financial services during the Winter Olympic Games.As one of the pioneers, Wing huiru was dispatched to chongli Sub-branch of the bank as the lobby manager.She tells a reporter, the hall hall of worship ceremony branch service personnel should not only master the 70 commonly used bank service spoken English, hundreds of counter reception, greetings, fill in and get the money, open an account, such as basic English words, to other foreign languages, they also specially equipped with the language of the language translation machine can be real-time translation 121 countries, effective guarantee of foreign financial services during the games.Photo: Employees of Chongli Branch of Rural Commercial Bank of Zhangjiakou are practicing oral English.Photo: Employees of Chongli Branch of Rural Commercial Bank of Zhangjiakou are practicing using language translation machines.In December 2021, zhangjiakou agri-businesses special bank set up its payment services security command center, under the counter business, business, science and technology, security, integration, human six service team, in accordance with the mechanism of “smooth, clear responsibility, facilities, emergency strong, perfect service” requirements, through layers of screening,Set up a 20 – member “winter Olympics service guarantee vanguard team”.It is understood that the vanguard members had a week of intensive training, in addition to mastering the use of intelligent equipment, but also a simple English and sign language training, and can skillfully introduce chongli and the Winter Olympics related knowledge, including the Winter Olympics venues, winter Olympics projects and other content.Rong Huiru introduced that all the preparations are in order to be able to timely and accurately introduce customers when they ask related questions, so as to maximize the service quality of the network.On the morning of December 30, 2021, the bank held a special ceremony for the “Winter Olympics Service guarantee vanguard team”.Gao Zhihong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and governor of the bank, Fang Hai, secretary of the Commission for Discipline inspection and supervisor, Du Jinxia, member of the Party Committee and deputy governor, tied the red scarf symbolized peace for the vanguard members, and told them to take responsibility and return safely.The players signed their names on the theme wall of the ceremony, and after wearing the vanguard badge, they solemnly took an oath and signed the “Winter Olympics Service guarantee resolution”.”It’s not just an opportunity to be on the ground, it’s an honor.”Rong huiru said that as a member of the pioneer team, it is both mission and responsibility to stick to the post and work hard.Photo: The scene of zhangjiakou Rural Commercial Bank winter Olympics Service guarantee vanguard team.The reporter found that the average age of the vanguard members of this winter Olympics service guarantee team is not more than 30 years old. There are not only Communist party members and active party members in the team, but also employees who have obtained Grade 8 of English major and excellent comprehensive assessment for successive years and backbone proficient in front desk business.Among them are young mothers with families, newlyweds, and new employees who joined The Rural Commercial Bank in Zhangjiakou at the end of 2020.They actively responded to the call and took the initiative to devote themselves to the service guarantee work of the Winter Olympics. They gave up their small homes, took the lead for everyone, and made contributions to the guarantee of financial services during the Winter Olympics.It is understood that the vanguard team of the Winter Olympics service guarantee work until March 31, during this period, the players will be in Chongli under closed-loop management.As one of the pioneers, Lu Yingjie was an account manager in Zhangjiakou Rural Commercial Bank Wanquan Branch before joining the pioneers and settling in Chongli.He was 27 years old and newly married.His wife and family are away from chongli, which means he will not be able to see them until the end of March.”My family didn’t understand me at first. They thought I had just married and would be away for three months…”Lu yingjie said that although family and work need to balance, but the thought of the opportunity to represent Zhangjiakou Rural Commercial Bank to participate in the Winter Olympics financial services work, I think the effort is worth it.”Later, when I saw so many young people actively join the vanguard team and do what they can for the Winter Olympics, my family gradually understood and supported me, urging me to keep my mind at work and devote myself to the financial service guarantee for the Winter Olympics.”As a man in the vanguard, Lv Yingjie was assigned to chongli sub-branch Xiwanzi outbound self-service bank to do security work.From 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. every day, he is not only responsible for the inspection and elimination of tools in the self-service bank, but also for the guidance and service of customers who come to handle business.Photo: Lu Yingjie, member of the winter Olympics service guarantee vanguard team of Zhangjiakou Rural Commercial Bank, is guiding customers to handle business in the self-service bank.”At present, there are about 50 clients who help the bank handle business every day. Besides guiding them to do basic services such as deposit, withdrawal and transfer, I also answer other business questions raised by customers.”Lu yingjie said.It is understood that the 20 pioneers stationed in Chongli eat and live together in the Chongli sub-branch, and according to the work needs of branches assigned to each branch within its control, take up the lobby service, the use of departure machines, guidance and other different post responsibilities.The arrival of the pioneers has further improved the service level of Chongli Sub-branch of Zhangjiakou Rural Commercial Bank, provided a solid guarantee for the financial services of the Winter Olympics, and won the praise of customers.On New Year’s Eve, chongli saw another snowfall with minus 17 degrees Celsius.The pioneer team and the staff of Chongli Sub-branch still stick to the front line, and silently practice the service concept of “better for you” with the enterprise spirit of “sincerity, credibility and solid work”.↑ : Click the picture above to obtain the complete version of 2021 RURAL Commercial Bank Transformation Trend Report millions of readers are looking at “soft power” to create “hard performance”!Look at the cultural support behind the rapid growth of rural Commercial Bank!For them, rural credit “financial assistant” came to the village again and again……Spring Festival go to the grass-roots level | over the mountains and mountains to deposit!Rural commercial bank so “surname rural responsibility” to carry up source/China Cooperation Times · rural finance editor/Liu Xiaocui produced/Guyu