Direct Access to Counties and Cities Xi ‘an Water Bureau went to Fuping County to investigate fuyan water supply security work

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A few days ago, Dong Zhaowei, director of xi ‘an Water Bureau, and his delegation went to Fuping County to investigate the fuyan water supply security work, and Fuping County Magistrate Jing Junrong joined the investigation.During the investigation, both parties went to the construction site of the water supply reconstruction project of Nanyuan Water Plant in Fuping County to understand the progress of the project in detail, and negotiated and reached a consensus on water quantity guarantee, equipment operation, water supply price and other issues.Jing Junrong expressed his gratitude to xi ‘an Water Bureau for its long-term care and support of Fuping water conservancy construction. He pointed out that Fuping, located in weibei dry plateau, is a typical county with water shortage of resources and water quality, with high water hardness, large scale and high fluoride content.In recent years, Fuping County has invested more than 60 million yuan, expanded 30 mu of land in the South Yuan Water Plant, built a reservoir of 6,000 square meters, laid a nominal diameter of 600 mm water transmission and distribution pipeline of 2.8 kilometers, the project into the city has been basically completed, it is hoped that the water supply units to Fuping as a regional water unit, negotiate a reasonable water price.This project will bring social benefits into full play and fuping people will use the long-awaited Heihe water as soon as possible.Dong Zhaowei said, Xi ‘an city water bureau will coordinate water supply units timely approval of water supply, speed up the debugging of pressurized facilities and equipment, scientific and reasonable accounting of water price cost, maximum reduction of water prices.At the same time, it is hoped that both sides will set up a coordination body to work closely on relevant matters and strive for the early realization of water supply.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: