Last year, heilongjiang’s fishery output was 13.5 billion yuan

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China News Harbin February 15 (reporter Wang Nina)Agriculture and rural areas in heilongjiang province hall 15 news, last year, seize “south north fishing” development opportunities in heilongjiang province, around the green high quality aquatic products, supply and stability of fishery development, the fishery economy stable growth, the province’s annual output of aquatic products 719000 tons, an increase of 6.6% over the previous year, among them, the fishery output value 13.59 billion yuan,An increase of 6.8% over the previous year.Heilongjiang province is located in the northernmost province of China, rich in water resources, the province’s water area of 34.98 million mu, the territory of heilongjiang, Songhua River, Wusuli River and other waters, fish resources are very rich, among which “three flowers five luo, shijiazi, 72 miscellaneous” fish because of delicious taste, known throughout the country.Among them, Heilongjiang province also has many unique fish, such as Xingkai Lake big white fish, Founder silver crucian carp and so on. The unique cold water environment makes the fish in Heilongjiang province grow slowly, the meat is delicious, green and safe.In recent years, Heilongjiang province has regarded fishery as a trillion-level industrial cluster.Last year, the province standardized the management of aquatic seed industry, the construction of 15 rice field breeding crab seedlings base, the province’s crab seedlings rice cultivation self-sufficiency rate reached more than 40 percent, “south crab raising north” success.At the same time, the province also implemented the Xingkai Lake Whitefish aquatic germplasm resource farm project to improve the ability of “conservation”.Fishing enterprises in the province signed agreements with fishery companies in Yantai, Guangdong and other places to carry out rainbow trout and Mandarin fish seedling breeding and seed supply cooperation.The province also set up technical experts and specialized teams to carry out the first provincial census of aquaculture germplasm resources, and completed the household census of 14,573 production and operation subjects in 121 counties (cities, districts) with high quality in an all-round way, so as to achieve “a clear understanding” for the revitalization of the aquaculture seed industry.The province also promotes 7 major aquatic products leading varieties and 3 main promotion technologies, covering an area of 2.3 million mu, and promotes 340,000 mu of rice and crab comprehensive planting and rearing mode, an increase of 51.8% over the previous year. Six fishery enterprises and units were rated as provincial modern agricultural science and technology demonstration bases.The province has set up a special working team, organized in the province of the fishery enterprises in Beijing, Shanghai, guangdong, sichuan and other 10 Yu Sheng (city) for merchants to negotiate, the seedling breeding, aquatic products processing and product sales cooperation and docking, also invited more than 20 well-known domestic enterprises to the province’s inspection, the substantive cooperation in fishery construction.Among them, at the 21st Annual Meeting of Yabuli Forum, heilongjiang province signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with large aquatic product groups such as Beijing for the national sales of high-quality aquatic products of 40,000 tons with a total value of 1 billion yuan.Last year, heilongjiang’s aquaculture output of aquatic products reached 676,000 tons, up 6.96 percent from the previous year.(after)