Media man: The only way to regain face in football is with both feet

2022-05-23 0 By

Gong Hanlin, Dong Lu and Feng Xiaoting have lost almost all of China’s traffic in the air. In fact, despite the fact that China has already failed to qualify for the Qatar World Cup in advance, there are still two games left in the round of 12.On March 17, li Xiaopeng led the national football team list announced, four naturalized and Wu Lei together absent, football commentator Ji Yuyang said in his personal microblog, the only way to find face in football is not by mouth, only by their own feet.Ji Yuyang wrote on his microblog: ‘This list is very comfortable for obsessive-compulsive disorder to look at. Five rows, five rows neatly.It is also the first time that Brazil’s top 12 naturalized players have disappeared.Special moments, two games that had nothing to do with qualification, but something directly to do with dignity.The serious consequences of losing to Vietnam at the beginning of the year, as well as the huge damage to the whole industry must have been seen.The only way to regain face in football is not with your mouth, only with your feet.To be honest, in the absence of Wu Lei and four naturalized players, the Chinese football team can really find face in the last two games?Believe that as long as the slightest knowledge of Chinese football fans know, is unrealistic fantasy.There are only two matches left in the round of 12, and the Chinese Football Association’s request is to complete the task without collapsing. But look at the current training of the national team and the attitude of preparation is not to flatter.Undeniably, in addition to their own lack of strength, most of the international players are salary cuts and unpaid salary impact, the mood is relatively low, prepare for the state of mind must be affected by fluctuations.The intensity of the training session is a little bigger, and all the players will shout that they are tired.The enemy is present, the player’s state and mentality are not online at all, if you want the game not to collapse, can only hope the opponent mercy.The team’s remaining two opponents in the face of Saudi Arabia and Oman, Saudi men on a 2-0 defeat to the Japanese men’s soccer, the distance to Australia, which is the third largest gap with only 4 points, because in the last round of 12 strong matches they will directly for the second leg clash with Australia, so the team to go directly to the promotion of Qatar, Saudi Arabia must be against the team’s game 3 points.That would have sealed the advance.It is impossible for Saudi Arabia to “release water” to the National football team when it comes to whether the team can advance directly.China’s other opponent is Oman, as Oman and China have already missed the World Cup finals in advance, their intentions are still uncertain, but as long as they take it seriously, the purely local team China wants to leave the whole body, need lucky goddess.