Technology and design support for the Winter Olympics escort

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As a global sports event, it is the common vision of all mankind to build a better world through sports.In order to ensure the smooth hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, there are countless people in all aspects of painstaking efforts to carry out the elaborate design and layout, including the Beijing-Zhangjia-Beijing high-speed railway as an important means of transportation connecting Beijing and the venue, into many winter Olympic elements, the moment into the platform has already started the winter Olympic journey;Faw red flag design and production of snow as the first domestic snow, from the technology and design have achieved a “zero” breakthrough, for the Beijing Winter Olympics add luster.The bobsleigh project originated in Switzerland and has been an important competition event since the first Winter Olympics in 1924. Many Chinese audiences are quite unfamiliar with the bobsleigh project.Bobsleigh, also known as “bobsleigh”, is a sport in which a person rides on a steering sled over icy tracks.The Chinese snow team was officially formed after Beijing won the bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics.Therefore, it is also in its infancy in equipment manufacturing.On September 10 last year, FAW and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation jointly delivered homemade snowmobiles to the Winter Sports Center of the General Administration of Sport of China.Its delivery, the realization of the domestic snowmobile “zero” breakthrough, declared that China’s snowmobile equipment for a long time by foreign monopoly of the history of the end.The homemade snowmobile delivered this time has two snowmobile, four snowmobile two systems.In the early design stage, faced with two standard vehicles that could only be observed but could not be disassembled, engineers could only disassemble the requirements by interviewing athletes and coaches in order to have a deeper understanding of the use requirements of snowmobiles.Through video conference, three rounds of general interviews and eight rounds of special interviews were conducted with more than 20 athletes and coaches. Finally, the application scenarios were divided into three large scenes and 10 sub-scenes, and 46 functional requirements and 26 performance requirements were decomposed.As the project progressed, the engineers went from being completely ignorant of the bobsled project, like us, to knowing every detail of the equipment: the bobsled had to “start”, “drive”, “control” and “brake” during the competition, and the bobsled had to “maintain” and “transport” outside the competition.The “starting” stage will be subdivided into “push”, “get on”, “sitting adjustment”…Domestic snowmobiles condensation the top wisdom, faw and China aerospace science and technology research and development process to overcome the carbon fibre shell, chassis, braking, steering system and the vehicle design and manufacturing key technologies, such as breaking the welding durability analysis, selection of fastener, strength, carbon fiber, optimize the structure, working condition of CAE analysis set five problems.In addition to the top-notch technology, the bright Chinese red and dazzling five-pointed star on the body of the snowmobile always prove that this snowmobile was developed and produced in China.As China’s first intelligent high-speed railway with a designed speed of 350 km/h, the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway epitomizes the rapid development of China’s railways.The Chongli branch line and Yanqing branch line of the Beijing-Zhangjia-Beijing High-speed Railway, as important supporting projects for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, have carried out rich, detailed and unique design in the trains and platforms, bringing passengers a unique journey to the venues of the Winter Olympics.In the multi-functional compartment of the Beijing-Zhangjia-Beijing high-speed railway, the top of the bar is topped with radioactive lights, which dynamically display the Five Olympic rings, matching the Olympic theme of the smart bullet train.The bar is equipped with a large-sized display screen and 5G mobile communication network, enabling THE BROADCASTING of 5G high-definition games.There is a glass screen painted with snowflake pattern between the restaurant bar and the multi-functional area. In the multi-functional area, snowflake shape decorations are hung on the roof of the car, and winter Olympics photo frames are posted on the wall boards of the car, introducing various winter Olympics events and Olympic venues to improve the public’s awareness and attention to the Winter Olympics.In the blue light, ice and snow elements can be seen everywhere, making the carriage of the Winter Olympics theme atmosphere more rich.The electric tea stove in the business tourism area designed and made silicone coasters printed with the Winter Olympics emblem, so that the elements of the Winter Olympics and the carriage facilities are skillfully combined.Also in the no. 4 carriage of the theme dress, in the 100-day countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the official debut.The whole carriage takes “fight all the way to win” as the theme. When entering the carriage, you can feel the atmosphere of the carriage with snow and ice as the main vision.Cooperated with wu Dajing, Gu Ailing and other spokesmen of ice and snow sports, the show showed the valiant charm of Chinese athletes.Seat towels printed with the images of Bing Dwen dwen and Snow Rong Rong, the mascots of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, further shorten the distance between passengers and the Winter Olympics.Stickers of “Keep Moving” and “cheering for the Winter Olympics” are posted on the ground. Each passionate slogan makes passengers feel as if they are in the fierce atmosphere of winning gold in the games. With the on-board VIDEO broadcast during the Games, passengers can feel the passion of the games together with the Athletes during the journey.Qinghe Station, as the starting station of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway, is an important supporting project for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. To welcome the Arrival of the Winter Olympic Games, ice and snow elements are integrated throughout the booth.Standing in the station hall, looking up, you can see 7 white ridges sloping from west to east like 7 “ski trails”, “dynamic ski trails jade Belt qinghe” perfect integration of Olympic elements and regional features here, making passengers feel as if they have been in the fierce competition scene as soon as they get into the station.In addition, the waiting room is decorated with winter sports and ice themed paintings on the wall, and various posters, posters and souvenirs are displayed in the daily functional area. Qinghe Station reminds passengers of the unprecedented spectacle of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games with ubiquitous elements of the Winter Olympics.Source: Art & Design Magazine