“Watergate Bridge” leads the Chinese New Year box office. Behind the jokes, it’s a heroic epic

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It is no exaggeration to say that AFTER the release of “Chosin Lake” last year, I watched it three times in a row and cried myself into tears every time.And this Spring Festival, although there are many good movies, but I am most looking forward to is the Water Gate Bridge of Changjin Lake.I had a hunch that it should also be very good to cry, but I never thought that in addition to touching, this one makes people think more.01 Although I don’t know much about movies, when I watch them, I usually focus on the plot instead of studying the shooting skills or professional depth.No matter how much others criticize or sneer at the patriotism and the so-called hero aura, there is no denying that the soldiers of that era to protect the country and the people, they sacrificed everything, is real.About their solemn and stirring efforts, we should not only know the history books that a death data or monumental;Their experience may be an understated part of the history of the war against the United States and aid to Korea.The embodiment of the film and television makes us deeply understand that the soldiers in the harsh environment, weather and low equipment configuration, in the face of all the equipment is very powerful enemy, they are afraid of pain, fear of cold and hunger, fear of death, but never retreat, even to the last man.Knowing that we will die, we should also live for death. Standing in the place where we can see the border line, we deeply miss our family and motherland, and turning around, we boldly rush forward, just to complete the mission. All these are worth our respect, remember, and cherish the peace in front of us.Both changjin Lake and Changjin Lake are tragic and heavy. No matter how others view them or how critical they are, for me, they are quite good and meaningful.The reason why I have a special liking to these two films is that my grandfather, who is still alive at the age of 89, participated in the Anti-Japanese War and assisted Korea.So every time I hear the words about that war, I feel that although that history is far away from my generation, it is relevant to all of us.Without the bloody struggle of our forefathers, how could we have the peace and joy we have today?When I was a child, I occasionally heard my grandfather tell stories about his past, which had nothing to do with me. When I grew up, I realized how heavy the past was.Just because we are born in a time of peace, we should be grateful to the older generation.No war or battle is difficult enough.The movie interpretation, the reality has happened;Hardships that are not portrayed in the movies have happened in real life.Some people laugh at Wu Wanli with the leading role of the halo to live in the end, but I want to say, whether the sacrifice or alive, they are experienced bullets and bullets, each is a hero, are worthy of our respect.The war took the lives of many heroes, but it also taught those who survived the true meaning of war.Why can Wu Wanli come back alive?Perhaps it is not the halo of the protagonist at all, but that he grew up in the war. His life is a kind of inheritance, the inheritance of responsibility and the inheritance of mission.As long as someone alive, those sonorous and powerful beliefs can continue, the world really did not hit the immortal hero, the hero’s name is “adhere to”……”As long as the bridge in, our task is in” “where a battle is easy to play, the more difficult it is to make us more to play” “should be even seven to one hundred and fifty-seven people, one hierarchy” throughout the movie, solemn and stirring emotional shock in my heart, and in order to tomorrow of the motherland, to loved ones home, countless people spilled blood in their land, no one more than they love the motherland,The most sad time is only looking at the direction of the motherland, no one misses their family more than them, only with the invaders to fight all.”Changjin Lake” in order to gather enough to annihilate the enemy’s goal of 20 people and always make trouble Wu Wanli, in the “Watergate Bridge” feeling suddenly grew up a lot.When Yu asked him if he still wanted to achieve his goal, his first remark was that he didn’t care: I want to bring you back alive.I didn’t understand it at the time, but after watching the movie, IT became clear that only if he was alive could he bring back the brothers of the Seventh Company, one way or another.Wu Wanli looks like a group pet, his brothers are trying to protect him, the lowest risk factor of the task to him.In fact, in the eyes of those who defend the motherland, Wu Wanli is the epitome of many ordinary people, to protect him is to protect the children of the motherland, protect the family.Some people say that this film in addition to the impact of strong artillery fire, all rely on too bloody picture to support the cruelty of war.But the plot is cliched, and the enemy is still treated as a fool, which is the old formula of Chinese war movies.Can only rely on patriotism, educational significance.But I still think the film is commendable, compared with the previous war films more full of emotion, a little stronger impact!And there were a lot of bold breakthroughs.For example, The two films Nagin Lake describe the cruelty of war more closely and realistically. Not all people will survive to the end, and heroes will die, and it is easy to die.In the movie, we can still feel the texture of a war blockbuster. The scenes of blood and flesh once again push the “cruelty of war” to the eyes of the audience. The tragic and stirring scenes bring tears to the eyes and arouse people’s emotions at the same time.Just answer that line: there is no hero who can’t die.Through the movie, I really felt the fearless spirit of soldiers at that time. Even if there was only one person and no bullets, they would charge forward and die in the confrontation with the enemy.I’ve always read about this in books. The feeling of watching a movie is different from the description of the words.This is probably the practical significance of the movie: to ignite the audience’s patriotic and family-loving mood.Through the film, the audience will once again understand that The Times need heroes, the country needs heroes, but also better understand their no turning back, self-sacrifice;With tears in our eyes and blood racing through our veins, we will most likely understand with a more sober mind what we have now, with the conviction that no winter is insurable and that spring will come.In addition, I think “Changjin Lake” series is a brave attempt in the film history of China and even the world. Before this, there is no precedent that the whole country of Beautiful Country is regarded as the villain. There may be beautiful country T kind of soldiers or beautiful country company, but no one directly puts a country on the opposite side.However, “Jangjin Lake” and “Watergate Bridge” clearly show that beautiful country is not the positive image we see, it also has a dark side.This kind of candid exposition also reflects the attitude that we do not stir up trouble at present, but we are not afraid of trouble, because now is not in those days, we have the confidence.This confidence has been earned through the hard work and sacrifice of generations.For example, in Watergate Bridge, the three times the bridge is blown up, at a huge sacrifice, but also let us understand why the country has been vigorously developing industry and science and technology in recent years.The lesson of history tells us that our gap is not only in equipment, but also in industry.Three blows to the bridge, heavy casualties, but the M army was able to transport construction materials by air quickly caught.We are aware of where we are falling behind. This is the bloody lesson reflected in Watergate Bridge, and it is also the history we should remember. To become a powerful country, we must develop scientific and technological power.We all must have noticed that many foreign friends were surprised by the high-tech of the Recent Beijing Winter Olympics, but only we know how much the Chinese people have paid to achieve today’s achievements.There is never any overnight glory and peace, behind all the glory, there are various heroes in the sacrifice of their own.While we are grateful, we should strive to protect the hard-won peace.I know you will come, so I am waiting