Yang Liping three sisters together, wearing leopard-print suits to sit on the C-position aura strong, 63 years old than the two younger sisters

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On February 16, Yang Liping’s studio posted a video of the three sisters gathering on social media.Yang Liping is sitting in position C wearing a spotted suit.She has a super powerful aura, and sitting between her two sisters has a very striking aura that is impossible to ignore.She is already 60 years old, slim body, fair skin, looks very young.The super-long fingernails on the hand are especially stealing the spotlight, with Yang Liping’s strong personal identity.Yang liping’s two younger sisters look like her and are in good condition, with a unique temperament of minorities.But at 63, Yang liping looks even younger than her two sisters, with a flexible expression on her face and delicate, bright features.During the day, Yang liping records dance videos on erhai Beach, her hometown in Dali.She is wearing a white gauze skirt ethereal and elegant temperament outstanding, the whole person limbs slender, full of charm, worthy of being a nationally known dancer.At the end of the recording, Yang Liping accidentally fell into the water, fortunately next to the assistant caught her in time to lift up, the whole process is very thrilling.As China’s leading dancer, Yang Liping has absolute authority in the art of dance, but also loved by the national audience.Not long ago, she appeared on CCTV for an interview, in which she talked about her understanding of dance and her love of dance as a child.Although she is 21 years older than wang Ning, the host who interviewed her, the two seem to be of the same age.The relationship between Yang Liping and her two sisters is really enviable. I think there must be three such beautiful daughters in the family. Their mother must be super happy and wish them a happy family.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete