10 thousand kinds of amorous feelings where not enchanting, bodhi tree under the stage before sigh lonely

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Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian Sinology art ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings where not enchanting, bodhi tree before the stage sigh lonely.People independent, light falling full clothes, since ancient times beauty is always unprovoked bullying.The most willow smoke, dongfeng refused to sleep, silent flowers fall a wisp on the eyebrow tip.Such as intentional, like unintentionally, the world of mortals thin love from ancient and modern.Drizzle amorous embellish grass green, east wind intoxicating line, shanhua brilliant light shake baimei health.May Day, cloud light liu smoke, confidant thin luck with water, green grass affectionate with cuckoo.Affectionate flick screen, beauty Thin xing leaning on the bar to listen, spring breeze does not understand light cold into the small court.Drizzle breeze embellish all things, shanhua brilliant reflecting asaoxia, confidante thin luck with you, qingchong affectionate with my home.Flower remnants of the wind have hate, autumn leaves fall thin luck why to complain, since ancient times affectionate is this life.Leaning on the floor alone, sentimental childe aside gaze, smile with the wind, flowers fall spring river flow.Amorous is the most small peach, thin beauty smile thick, spend a full moon short spring dream, wind light cloud light night incense.Spring breeze stroke face willow silk light, butterfly dance bee flying flowers all over the city, do not say the world of mortals or in love.I do not know the flower has hate, leaning on the column light sigh thin lucky confidante old, in vain from the sentimental dream line.Don’t love home, affectionate childe chaos such as ma, man dance commonplace, night spring breeze smile flowers.Graceful dance, east wind to send passenger ships, flowers fall silent spring also, light song all the way to jiangnan.Yundanfeng light autumn air clear, brilliant birds argue, the world of mortals love is always empty.Flowers fall human dance drunk world, poor thin love dream body.Lang Jun don’t famous, childe from the city, light smile flowers hundred mei health.Amorous willow smoke, dongfeng thin provoking pity, under the flowers and the moon light song to nine days.Planted everywhere, full of dust, spring to where lonely peach open.Vientiane new, and meet you, rain to moisten things east wind green old forest.Everywhere gold, all things compete in profusion, often in spring, yanwu Oriole song open my heart.Xiu Yang open, full of spring back, last night to the rain unable to sweep the haze.Spring flowers urge, thousands of red, last night to warm the rain into the windowsill.Autumn night with rain, the east wind is unable to sweep dust, clouds scattered flowers from the decline.For who open, spring to jiangnan swallow back, rain to flowers fall, the east wind is unable to sweep the haze.Wanli Jiangshan with the rain, the east wind is unable to sweep the haze, the clouds dispersed clear square good, spring to the world since the failure of flowers.Spring to where the peach blossom, last night to the rain to sweep the haze.Last night over jiangnan, a rain to spring to find no place, peach blossom full mountain haze.Willow green flowers open, warbler song spring back, last night to a wisp of rain into the window.Flowers decline, thousands of red, last night to wake up from the rain, a wisp of east wind into the windowsill.A leaf boat with rain, unable to sweep dust, clouds scattered Jiangnan flowers are white.Wash dust, night dongfeng second urge, zhengyan open brilliant, spring gu smile to send incense back.The east wind does not understand acacia bitter, blowing peach blossom with rain, spring to leave empty dream for who open.Time wasted changes ancient and modern with the vicissitudes of life in a dream.Under the earth, several degrees of spring, a song qingge heaven two love really.All the way to send eyes, clear nai how, wine when the sky two apart.A song to move heaven, sing the world clear changes, dark send a few duckweed.Where to find bosom friend, a song qing song tears full jin, hope broken qiubo month infatuation.Spring water qiubo across the strait, clear a dream and how, go with the wind, do not believe that the world has rotten ke.On the song, the world sky Milky Way, Tanabata magpie bridge will, but it is autumn waves bihe.This heartless heaven on earth, a song qing song 100 feelings of health, mo Road qiubo flow, spring breeze blowing is also clear.Clear dream is not, dark send a few affectionate, clear song a song in the world.Dark eyes send clear lights on both sides of the river, a scholar in the sky.Man dance manyuanchun, heaven and earth clear changes, dark send deep love.Human nai how, fairy dance clear song, dark send clear lonely.The world is clear in front of the eyes, dark send a few years, clear song a song in the world for jokes.Drunk mountains and rivers, the dream, a clear song heaven two apart.The world of heaven in all, before the flowers to wine song, mo Qiubo spring ripples clear lotus.Helpless, dark send tears whirling, clear song a song to go with the wind, sprinkled to the world is magic.Rippling as clear as blue snail, wine when the song heaven two wasted.Song Fu poetry Yin years, the right way is vicissitudes of life, clear world eyes send sunset.Where not beacon smoke, clear song move nine days, mo qiubo spring scenery jiangnan.A spring, do not touch the dust, singing and dancing are true.A song of high mountains and flowing water song, the world and heaven intoned oh, clearly is not too much.Two phase and flower before the wine song, mo Qiubo flow endless, clear spring ripples green snail.Tree understanding zen, Cihang Pudu life, endless sea of suffering smile.The world of mortals a dream wake up late, boundless sea of suffering who knows, I hope cihang can cross me, linden tree acacia.Ups and downs a read, the world of mortals purdue three thousand bound, under the bodhi tree to spend their last years.Thousands of miles of ship, bodhi tree sitting meditation, if there is the truth in the boundless sea of suffering is also edge.A pot of spring under the bodhi tree, Purdue Cihang, the endless sea of suffering has the shore, where the world is not enchanted.The world of mortals sees through thousands of heavy, endless sea of suffering where to meet, cihang Purdue tree under an old man.The bitter sea seeks the bosom friend, laughs at the mortal world purges all living beings the guest, realizes the zen mind under the bodhi tree.Three thousand li, the sea of suffering ups and downs for twelve years, Cihang can cross me, good zen under the bodhi tree.Purdue busy, tree words vicissitudes of life, if there is truth in the world of mortals, the boundless sea of suffering is hometown.After the bitter sea boat wind and rain, see through right and wrong, Cihang Purdue tree everything is empty.Cihang Purdue tree to realize the truth, if the world of mankind has boundless I.Bitter sea sigh vicissitudes of life, two lines of tears, cihang pudu tree words desolate.Cihang into painting, bodhi tree wu really such as, the world of mortals thousand sails total have no.There is no trace, where to find, I hope the mercy of the tree below mortal.Sentient beings mystery, enlightenment zen, if the world of mortals has boundless what depends on.Always such as spring, the east wind willow new, mo road tianya bosom friend less, and you hand in hand as neighbors.Where to find neighbors, friends meet times feel close, spring to autumn to live up to lovers.All things new night east wind, willow green manyuanchun, close to meet is an old friend.If born beautiful neighbors, friends meet times feel close, spring to autumn to live up to lovers.Provoke acacia, is a spring good time, more yan than the neighboring flowers, tianya friend who crazy.Friends cuckoo sound warble, neighboring butterfly dance lightly, spring to all life bo, good while the east wind put kite.Online meet bosom friends the most love is true, spring dongfeng vientiane new.The earth hundred flowers Sue, a night dongfeng life friends less, neighbors hand in hand with a total joy.Blowing rain after dusk, jiangnan vegetation new, swallow is close to who.In the end of the world, the neighbor is my home, spring to autumn to all passers-by, dongfeng night garden flowers.If the end of the world is near, meet times feel close, spring to autumn to live up to lovers.When spring is good, the east wind blows thousands of green branches, where there is no friend, cape nearby acacia.Dongfeng night garden new, colorful always spring, if asked by neighbors and friends have poets.Bosom friends meet if near, spring returns to the east wind everything new.The same temperament, a smile, Mo Daochun still drunk dongfeng.Jiangnan especially jiao, blowing green willow strips, the ends of the earth adjacent bridge.East wind willows new, warbler crow yan dance plum blossom thousand trees, bosom friend meet is old friend.Since ancient times out of the river’s lake, why face the wind full of tears, MY book is not the same smile.Old friend send a cup of wine, plain books do not send thousands of miles of heart, long train short hat to go out, full of who bosom friend article.– Zheng Huixian original Art #