A shares: Ping an of China!Fell nearly a year, can copy to the end?

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A shares: Ping an of China!Fell nearly a year, can copy to the end?Ping An has suffered two crashes in the past decade, the first in 2007, when its share price fell from 149 to 19.9 in one year.The second crash was in 2015, in four months, the share price fell from 94 yuan to 24 yuan!History tells us, do not randomly copy bottom, most of the bottom is often copied halfway up the hill, stock prices sometimes fall more than people imagine, even if stop falling will not immediately rise.Ping an of China began to decline from January 2021, has been falling to the end of 2022 Yuan, the stock price dropped from 92.34 yuan to 49.97 yuan can copy the bottom?From the beginning of September 2021, Ping An Started to make the bottom, the bottom time has reached four months, but the stock price does not rise, is wobbling back and forth, ups and downs, is it up or down?Ping an of China is the famous Nanchong ancient, its current current market value is 541.31 billion, its p/E ratio is 7.5, its earnings per share is 4.63 yuan, its net asset per share is 43.33 yuan, and its return on net asset is 10.50%. Such a good concept and such good data, why not rise?Ping an China has a lot of concepts, including Internet insurance concept, unicorn concept, Chinese stock concept, credit concept, financial technology concept, this concept, that concept comes down to a point of stock price, but there is no concept?Its total share capital is 18.28 billion, the circulating share capital is 10.83 billion and the number of shareholders is 1.308 million. Such good data and such excellent performance are not rising, but cannot be reflected in the stock price. Why is this?Now in the secondary market, China Ping an and fell below all the trend of the average, each average formed new pressure, it seems to fall again, but the stock price fell so much, fell for such a long time, really can not copy the bottom?Now someone can not control: enter the arena masturbate him a, there is a rebound ah!How about that?What do you think?Successful investing has nothing to do with your emotions or personal opinions.The market doesn’t care what you think or who you are or how you feel. It’s like a beast that ignores the wisdom of the masses and runs counter to people. The only thing it follows is the law of supply and demand.The above views are personal and do not constitute investment advice!