Dental implant collection: it may bring domestic substitution effect and be carried out in local pilot mode in the early stage

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Health times reporter Tan Qixin for dental implants in China institute of labor and social security health care research director Wang Zongfan said in an interview with health times reporter, dental implants are not within the scope of coverage, but the kind of tooth expensive is a big pain points of the people’s livelihood, the price of big value deviation for a long time, dental implants can enter in, not only is a good thing for patients,It is also beneficial to standardize the medical service behavior of medical institutions.However, it remains to be seen whether its collective purchasing price can achieve the average price reduction of coronary stent consumables of more than 90%.According to the Pacific Securities Research Report, among the current total cost of dental implant, the implant is the core material, and the general cost is 3500~12000 yuan, accounting for 50% of the total surgical cost.The cost of surgery + anesthesia is 3000~5000 yuan, accounting for 25%;Of the rest, the restorative material and implant abutment each account for 10%, and the crown for 5%.Straumann of Switzerland, Nobel Biocare of Sweden, Osstem of South Korea and other import enterprises occupy more than 90% of the domestic implant market share.”High-value medical consumables such as dental implants and orthopedic consumables belong to the market of inadequate competition. The long-term differentiated market competition and the lack of effective price control mechanism make the industry less concentrated and the product price is high.”The market concentration of the industry will be greatly increased after the implementation of the policy, and it is expected that the medical expenses of patients will be greatly reduced.”Fudan University school of Public Health professor, Chinese Health economics association medical insurance professional committee vice chairman Chen Wen accepted health times reporters said.Zhang Yi, chief industry analyst at IMedia Research, is also optimistic about the possible impact of collective mining on the industry.Zhang yi told Health Times that China’s dental implant market is huge, currently estimated at more than 200 billion yuan, and will continue to grow at a high level in the future as the aging population increases and people’s demand for quality of life increases.For the upstream industry chain of dental implant, intensive mining is bound to bring a short-term impact.”But given the current upstream industry chain of industry of our country grow tooth implant manufacturer home, mainly dominated by foreign brands, in this context, in the long run, ‘domestic substitution effect in May, at the same time in the industry is facing reshuffle, dental implant manufacturer in China if you can grab the opportunity in change, can get a lot of room to grow, grow up very quickly.From this point of view, the sooner the collectives take action, the better.”Zhang yi said.In his view, the collective procurement will force domestic manufacturers to abandon the past to expand the channel capacity of the model, focus on product research and development, while improving the performance of cost optimization;At the same time, for some private dental medical institutions that focus on marketing and light on medical technical services, the days of attracting patients only by low price will be gone forever after the price of dental implants is knocked down, and the industry will usher in a wave of reshuffle.Still, there is a lot of uncertainty about the extent to which collective harvesting will eventually cannibalize dental implant prices.”Considering the overall decline of coronary stent and artificial joint harvesting, it is possible to achieve a significant reduction effect of dental implant consumables through harvesting. To be sure, the final price depends on its true cost value and market competition results.”But it’s hard to tell by how much, because it’s not clear how inflated the price of implants is and how much they’re actually worth.”Wang Zongfan told reporters.An anonymous head of an oral cavity chain organization analyzed to the reporter that, for patients, dental implant collection will not necessarily bring a significant decrease in the cost of the whole process of diagnosis and treatment.”Besides the cost of consumables, the technical service fee of doctors and the operation of medical institutions are also the major expenses in the dental implant industry. The price drop brought by the intensive acquisition of dental implants is only the cost of consumables, and the other costs will remain at about 3,000 yuan per tooth.”At the initial stage of intensive dental acquisition, the mode of intensive dental acquisition for dental implants may be implemented in a local pilot mode. Many surveyed experts believe that intensive dental acquisition may refer to the mode of intensive dental acquisition for orthopedic consumables, and the local pilot will be carried out first.Wang Zongfan mentioned, there is no in the experience of dental implant materials, products also had no consistent evaluation system, in the absence of a unified evaluation system under the background of quality, quality of products to be included in the rules, how to delamination, bidding rules, how to divide the market, cost, how to pay for all remains a place trial practice to clear and perfect.In addition, the relatively special point of dental implant consumables is that it is often applied in private medical institutions, most of which are not designated medical institutions under medical insurance. In the case of no medical insurance, some rules and management different from the previous collection of high-value consumables may be needed to support.”Against the above background, local explorations should be allowed, and mature rules should be gradually accumulated before being promoted at the national level.”Wang Zongfan said.At the same time, some areas have taken the step of pilot exploration.On November 26, 2021, sichuan Provincial Medical Equipment Bidding and Procurement Service Center issued a notice requiring all public medical institutions conducting oral implant surgery to fill in the historical purchase data of dental consumables.In addition to Sichuan, Chen wen told Health Times that zhejiang, Ningxia, Shanxi, Hubei and other provinces have also started to fill in the historical purchase data of dental supplies, and the collection of basic data will provide a basis for local centralized procurement pilot.As for the upcoming pilot explorations in various regions, Chen suggested that the first step is to establish a dynamic monitoring system for cost and price, and track and analyze the price and cost of collectivy-purchased products, so as to better balance the relationship between price regulation and industrial development.Secondly, we should strengthen the quality monitoring and rational use of collective products.Fully mobilize all social resources, especially professional pharmaceutical staff and clinical pharmaceutical care, to monitor the quality of products collected and promote rational clinical use.Wang Zongfan emphasized that in the process of intensive acquisition of high-value medical consumables such as dental implants and orthopedic consumables, how to “maintain quality and quantity” is the next key point worth paying attention to, and the quality should not decline correspondingly because of the price drop.According to the Work Plan for Strengthening the Quality Supervision of Selected medical devices in Centralized Purchase with Quantity issued by the State Food and Drug Administration, it is clear that the selected enterprises should be included in the key supervision.The selected enterprises are required to report the selected situation to the local provincial drug regulatory department in a timely manner;Strengthen the control of production process, quality control and finished product release;Continuous adverse event monitoring;To find the problem of the selected enterprises and varieties to be treated seriously, strictly to implement the penalty requirements.”There is a need to improve a series of complementary regulatory measures for products selected from collective mining.In the process of the implementation of collective procurement products, the quality supervision and management departments of drugs and medical devices should strengthen the quality monitoring, and increase the crackdown on illegal products and enterprises;Medical insurance departments should also strengthen supervision and investigation of medical institutions designated for medical insurance that violate laws and regulations.”Wang Zongfan suggested.