New district 129 bottomless pit raise number to fly full 124 days, the dog up I am afraid of

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The video has been updated and continuously updated every day to record the whole process of various combinations from new area starting number raising number to selling number withdrawal area, record the whole process of a group of numbers from the creation of a role to the official takeoff (crash), super detailed explanation of each level and stage, if you also like playing games, you can follow the footsteps of Big Fei into big Fei’s game world,Every Saturday is the happiest day for me. I went on the board early and started to brush the board task. I hope I can eat squid and open a bottle of super Yulu in the first round.The fourth round is empty, the first board is over, two gems and a strong fossil, the fifth round, the sixth round, a jade stone, the seventh round, the brake is pulled, the car is empty again, the little treasure chest gives another bottle of golden willow water, the little treasure chest, a strong fossil, the fuzziness ~~ The method of the 19th level is still one level short of the full level 20, 20 level this group will be registered,The mission of this group number in my hand has been basically completed ~ ready to go to the next new area, the next new area to show you the minimum investment of five doors ceiling today’s last round checker board white tiger stone end ~~ brush two back dream Dan ready for afternoon bell use,There is also the chessboard on Saturday morning, which opened back to dream Dan without two back to dream Dan in place. The bell opened bao Tu for the first time, opened a box for the second time, opened a brother for the third time to avoid water drops. The little brother for the fourth time to avoid water drops.Last week brush out 120 bell floating ~~ avoid water drop eldest brother came, fixed soul bead a shake bell ceiling?Two big five treasure ~~ tonight, iron will add squid must brush off the last drama this week, baxingshu Baxingshu can eat squid must see small strange, a rune scroll and a bottle of super Golden Willow dew began to perform the final BOSS seal three units completely no pressure, a beast must add a bottle of super golden Willow dew beast must be anti-shock,End of the letter of recommendation for post to brush a past 2 end today’s mission was a result of the diamond I ran to the water where friends, sad not panic last BOSS still have a chance to a bottle of super riverside open ended today ~ ~ 1639 w game currency did not complete yesterday set 2000 w game currency mainly didn’t copy can brush and don’t want to catch the ghost can only such,All right, I’ll see you here today. Rainbow Tournament goal 1500W plus a copy of advanced Warcraft tips