Open no license car break rod escape fee, by toll station smash car enclosure, male driver: fatigue driving did not see!

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The man took a family of three to open an unlicensed car into the toll station, the body was hit by a cement block a big hole, the strength is too large to lead to the daughter was injured, this exactly what happened.Black car owner Mr Yang told reporters that he just bought a new car, two days before take the family to visit the water park in Harbin, to play a day and a half before driving home, because of the high speed way too far away, his belongs to fatigue driving, didn’t notice a toll station ahead, directly with the front of the white car out of the toll station, forget to pay the money at the same time.Mr. Yang recalled, when just put the car out of the toll station, there are several people chasing together on the side, he found immediately panic, just reaction to come over is the toll station staff, then step on the accelerator to accelerate dodge, did not think of the scene after, unexpected.Mr. Yang found that the windshield behind the car was smashed, and immediately got out of the car to argue with the staff, the staff thought that the car did not take photos, it must be a black car, and Mr. Yang’s behavior belongs to the intentional evasion of the fee, can only be forced to stop the car by stones.Mr. Yang explained that because his car is a new car, so there is no time to hang out a license plate, but the front of the car placed a temporary license plate, just the staff eyes out of the problem.I wasn’t going very fast and the officer could have called me down or something.To my surprise, all the workers were angry, so they simply used the bricks, causing the car and the child to be involved.After the toll station not only did not make compensation, but also asked Mr. Yang to pay the fine for breaking the bar, which made Mr. Yang very puzzled, the reporter in order to find out the truth, tried to contact the toll station, but the explanation given by the staff is completely opposite to Mr. Yang.The staff gave the surveillance video at that time, in the video, we can know that Mr. Yang’s black car followed the white car closely, the white car paid the fee and left through the toll pole, but Mr. Yang did not want to stop.While the pole is still in the air, Mr. Yang a foot throttle drilled past, the toll collector saw the Shouting payment, leading to the front of the confused white car stopped, and Mr. Yang’s car actually drove away around the white car.After the front office staff learned the news, immediately rushed to the road block, see Mr. Yang did not mean to slow down, on the road ahead placed a yellow anti-collision sand bucket, trying to force Mr. Yang to slow down.Staff members said that At that time, Mr. Yang directly hit the sand bucket, there is no intention to slow down, because there is no license plate, if Mr. Yang ran away, he would not be able to find, but under the helplessly began to smash the other party’s car.Now there is a video and the truth, Mr. Yang’s explanation is true. It is true that he hit himself in the face. Finally, the staff said that they would compensate Mr. Yang for the loss of his car and the child’s medical expenses, but the escape fee is indeed Mr. Yang’s fault, and he must pay five times the toll.Do you think the staff throwing stones is right? Please discuss it in the comments section. You can also like and support this article.