Sun Lu Ban, daughter of Sun Quan: as a princess, she took power as a relative, suffered a coup and was eventually exiled

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In ancient imperial society, although there were many women in power and political affairs, most of them depended on the queen mother and queen, and few of them were in power and political affairs as princesses. After all, once princesses got married, they were no longer regarded as royalty.Throughout history, princess Taiping of the Tang Dynasty was the most famous one who was in power as a princess. In The Three Kingdoms period of Eastern Wu, there was also such a princess, sun Luban, the eldest daughter of Sun Quan, the Emperor of Wu.Sun Luban was the eldest daughter of Sun Quan and the master of walking exercises. Perhaps because her mother was very popular with sun Quan, Sun Luban was extremely favored by Sun Quan.It should be noted that before this, the princess, as the daughter of the royal family, could hardly intervene in the royal affairs after marriage, but Sun Luban could intervene frequently, apparently because she was extremely favored.When Sun Luban was getting older, Sun Quan married his daughter to Zhou Xun, the eldest son of Zhou Yu, and made Zhou Xun the commander of zhou Yu’s army.Later, in the same year that Sun Quan proclaimed himself emperor, he remarried his daughter to quan Cong, a wu general. By marrying Sun Lu Ban, Quan Cong was promoted after Lu Xun’s death to the rank of the right Grand Sima, ranking third in power in the State after the stallion Prime Minister Bu and the left grand Sima Zhu Ran.Before quan Cong married Sun Luban, he already had his eldest son Quan Xu and his second son Quan Ji, to whom Sun Luban gave birth to his third son Quan Yi and his youngest son Quan Wu. It was because of Sun Luban that Quan Yi inherited the title of Quan Cong and Quan Wu was granted the title of Marquis of Duxiang.It was precisely because of sun Luban’s relationship that Quan was in the limelight in Eastern Wu.In the fourth year of Chiwu (241), Sun Deng, the crown prince, died. In the following year, Sun Quan appointed Sun He as the crown prince and planned to appoint Sun He’s mother, Lady Wang, as queen, but Sun Lu Ban tried to prevent him from doing so for many times.At that time, Among Sun Quan’s concubines, Lady Wang was the second most favored concubine after the master bulian. Therefore, Sun Lu Ban hated Lady Wang very much.After sun he was appointed as prince, Sun Ba, the king of Lu, due to treatment problems and resentment of Sun He, and then began to actively make friends with officials, the results of the whole Cong second son Quan Send, Wu Jing son Wu An, Sun Fu sun Qi, Zhuge Ke son, talent Yang Zhu and other people’s support, and then had the idea of taking the wife.Because of lady Wang’s relationship, Sun Luban did not want Sun He to succeed to the throne, so he took advantage of the conflict between Sun he and Sun Ba to actively plan to abolish Sun He as crown prince.It was due to the outbreak of the “Dispute between Southern Lu and Wu” that Sun Lu Ban began to interfere in the government and finally lost his power to the eastern Wu.”Fight for south Lu” interlose-lose, Sun Lu Ban successfully bet Sun Liang to overthrow prince, Sun Lu Ban sends a person to monitor Sun and often, hope to be able to discover Sun and illegal evidence.Later, due to his serious illness, Sun Quan sent Sun He to the Ancestral temple to offer sacrifices. The people sent by Sun Lu Ban then monitored the vicinity of the ancestral temple. It was this sacrifice event that opened the prelude to sun He’s dismissal.As zhang Xiu, the younger brother of Zhang Cheng, the father of the crown princess, lived near the ancestral temple, he invited Sun He to his home in an attempt to make friends with the crown prince, only to be seen by Sun Lu Ban’s men.So Sun Lu Ban went to the palace and told Sun Quan that Sun He had secretly left the ancestral temple and was conspiring in the crown princess’s house. He said that When Sun Quan was ill, Lady Wang looked happy.As a result, Lady Wang died unhappy after being scolded by Sun Quan, whose relationship with the crown prince became increasingly cold.In the seventh year of Chiwu (244), after getting wind of the discord between Sun he and Sun Ba, Sun Quan ordered them not to make friends with ministers without permission and ordered them to concentrate on their studies.As a result, sun Quan’s strict order did not ease the contradiction, but made the “dispute between the South and Lu” intensified, and quickly spread to the court.First, Quan Cong and Quan Ji exposed Gu Cheng’s exaggerated achievements in the “Shao Po battle”, which resulted in Gu Cheng’s imprisonment and his brother Gu Tan’s arrest.After that, Lu Xun was reprimanded by Sun Quan for his participation in the struggle between Southern Lu and Lu. He died soon after, and Yang Zhu, Lu Yin and Wu Can were put into prison one after another.Later, Sun Quan saw that the conflict between southern lu and Lu had already caused discord in the imperial court. If either of them were to ascend the throne, it would inevitably lead to further division in the imperial court. So he decided to appoint another crown prince among the other princes.After Sun Luban figure out sun Quan’s intention, begin to approach intentionally the Pan Shu that is similarly favored and Sun Liang mother and son, often praise Sun Liang in front of Sun Quan, at the same time often carry the daughter of Quan Shang Quan shi into the palace, hope to set its for the imperial concubine of Sun Liang.Chiwu thirteen years (250 years) autumn, prince Sun he was dethronded as the king of Nanyang, Lu King Sun Ba was granted death, two of the followers Zhu, Qu Huang, Chen Zheng, Wu an, Sun Qi, Yang Zhu and other implicated, although quan Cong has died, but the second son quan ji because of the number of sun Ba party, was also granted death.In theory, full cong, full send father and son as a party in the sun, the prince lu ba partisans and all were killed after, the whole family will inevitably decline due to be affected, but it is because the sun ruban bet on carlo is successful, the whole family rather than be too big, but after carlo was made prince, full (the nephew of cong) of the female also became the crown princess.In the first year (252), Sun Quan, the Emperor of Wu, died and sun Liang, the crown prince, succeeded to the throne.In the following year, The Quan family was appointed as the empress, and the Quan family became increasingly prominent as a kinswoman. Five members of the Quan family were knighted successively, and Sun Luban’s status became more stable. Moreover, he began to intervene in the government frequently with the kinswoman’s body, and once the power was tilted toward the government.Before his death, Sun Quan left a bequest ordering Sun Jun, Zhuge Ke, and Teng Yin to support the government together, with Zhuge Ke in the first place.After Sun Liang ascended to the throne, Zhuge Ke took charge of the military and political power. Later, due to the failure of the war against Wei, Zhuge Ke lost his prestige. In order to maintain his position, Zhuge Ke became increasingly autocratic and was finally executed by Sun Liang and Sun Jun.As Teng Yin had been replaced by Quan Shang, the father of empress Quan shi, who was also Sun Jun’s brother-in-law.Therefore, although sun Jun was considered a disaster by many officials at that time, Sun Lu Ban gave him more protection. As a result, Sun Jun was not affected, but became increasingly powerful, and Sun Jun reciprocated by killing the deposed prince Sun He.In the second year of wu Feng (255), Sun Yi, a general of the eastern Wu dynasty, conspired with Zhang Yi, Lin Xun and others to assassinate Sun Jun, but the plot was revealed. Sun Yi committed suicide and zhang Yi, Lin Xun and dozens of others were involved.At the same time, Sun Luban took the opportunity to frame Sun Luyu as a follower of Sun Yi because his sister Sun Luyu did not support him to overthrow Sun He. As a result, Sun Luyu was also killed by Sun Jun.In the third year of the Five Phoenix period (256 years), the official Sun Jun died and transferred the power to his cousin Sun 綝 on his death bed, which was opposed by many of the court officials who had been dissatisfied with Sun Jun. The two sides had a fierce confrontation, resulting in the death of Lu Ju and Teng Yin, Sun Feng committed suicide, and Sun Yi, the general of the town army, so far Sun 綝 was able to hold the power.Already 13 years old, preparing the little emperor Sun Liang, for sun 綝’s arbitrary power is extremely dissatisfied, by pursuing sun Luyu was killed in the name of “not correct Sun Jun” on the grounds of killing Sun 綝’s trusted Hu Lin Du Zhu Xiong and external du Zhu Damage.So far, sun liang and sun 綝 the contradiction of this pair of sovereigns increasingly white-hot.In the second year of Taiping (257), due to dissatisfaction with sima’s dictatorial power, Cao Wei’s eastern general Zhuge Festival rebelled in Shouchun and submitted to the surrender of Wu.Sun 綝 wanted to take advantage of this to improve his reputation, so he sent Wen Qin, Tang Zi, Quan Duan, Quan Yi and others to rescue him with 30,000 soldiers and successfully broke through the encirclement of Cao and Wei and entered Shouchun.In order to put down the rebellion, Cao Wei quickly gathered more than 200,000 troops and besieged Shouchun completely.And sun 綝 in order to save shouchun’s Soochow army, also had to withdraw troops to attack, but Zhu Yi has three times the rate of troops and Cao Wei’s war, but were defeated, Sun 綝 in a rage will be killed Zhu Yi.In sun 綝 lead soldiers outside, less Lord Sun Liang began to govern, Sun 綝 in order to keep power, hurriedly withdraw and return to Jianye, Sun Liang then asked its rescue failed and the slaughter of the general, the contradiction between the emperor and minister broke out in the round.In order to protect himself, sun 綝 in the mobilization of troops, but also forced the Chun family and other on his side.Sun Chen stood a full end, full of ShouChun Yi not save and back to the army, this has angered the whole family, facing the sun Chen force, full cong’s grandson full Hui, total meter, total static and from the child to the full the, full of all across the river wei, and was surrounded by the full side, full Yi ShouChun after receive full Hui letter, also chose out of the city to surrender, as a result, sun ruban to break away from the sun Chen also full.In the third year of Taiping (258), sun Liang, emperor Shao, Sun Luban, Taichang Quan Shang, and General Liu Cheng plotted to kill Sun 綝 in order to destroy Sun 綝. However, Sun 綝 attacked sun 綝 first because Quan Shang’s wife leaked the secret.As a result, Emperor Shao Liang was deposed, Liu Cheng was killed, Quan Shang was exiled to Lingling County, and Princess Lu Ban was also moved to Yuzhang County.