The 24 solar terms made an impressive debut at the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics

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The Beijing 2022 Olympics opening ceremony, world-class intangible cultural heritage twenty-four solar terms for the first time to a countdown timer, starting from the “rain”, to the end of the “spring”, the twenty-four solar terms and poems, the ancient proverb and vibrant images in contemporary China, with a fresh expression, stunning appearance before a global audience.Mr. It is the world’s common language “weather”, China’s 24 solar terms to protect heritage alliance of the academic committee ying-jie song as an expert to participate in the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony related plans would, he said in an interview, the twenty-four solar terms research from climate, phenology, mythology, folklore, history, astronomy and so on from different Angle, “I often said in the industry,If you want to cure mania and conceit, you should study the 24 solar terms, because the ultimate lifelong study will still be ill-informed.”Song Yingjie believes that the “24 Solar terms” is a complete knowledge system and application system formed by ancient Chinese people’s cognition of the laws and changes of weather, climate and phenology according to the sun’s anniversary, which has been immersed in the cultural gene of the Chinese people.Song yingjie said, “In the Book of Changes,” “One Yin and one Yang is tao,” tao is the law, the ancient Chinese through the 24 solar terms to grasp the law and change.”I learned the 24 solar terms from my grandfather when I was young. Years of research has made me realize that the 24 solar terms are full of scientific rain and dew and filled with the fragrance of culture.It is in our home and in our daily life, but also in our poetry and far away.””As a world-class intangible cultural heritage, the 24 Solar terms are not metaphysics, but cultural wisdom with scientific quality. It is even a universal language. When we talk on international occasions, we often talk about it.”Song yingjie specifically mentioned that although the summer solstice, spring equinox, autumn equinox and winter solstice are not called “solar terms” in the world, they are common around the world. The four seasons are based on this, and there are corresponding customs in various countries.It is close to the people fresh and poetic Song Yingjie feeling in the 24 solar terms close to the people, fresh that side.”Since the 24 solar terms have a high threshold of time cutoff and law representation, many dimensional expressions have been made in the process of transmission to achieve a fresh, intuitive and intimate effect.”Song yingjie said that many folk songs and proverbs are catchy, including what to eat, what to plant, what to watch and what to pay attention to during each solar term.Such as the spread of “Spring Yang turn, rain along the river, awakening crows call, the vernal equinox dry, Qingming busy planting wheat, guyu field…”Poetic China is also vividly reflected in the description of the 24 solar terms.Song yingjie said, for example, the start of Spring, “spring is good for people, spring is good for people.”Said the vernal equinox, “the rain jiyu scenery, vernal equinox weather.Thousand flowers hundred hui for bright “;Said tomb-sweeping day, “still cloudy and sunny mo, bees and butterflies guess”;Said grain rain, “happy pod rain new water slippery, neem flower wind soft thin cold close” and so on.Song yingjie interprets the 24 solar terms one by one, focusing on the beginning of Spring.”Start of Spring brings people hope rather than warmth,” he said, referring to the first of the 24 solar terms.In Song Yingjie’s opinion, since the start of spring, people can keenly discover and capture the hope. Through the ages, Chinese people have used a large number of plots and story-based ways to express this.”On the first day of the beginning of spring, hundreds of grasses sprout back.” That is, after the beginning of spring, snow and ice melt, grass sprouts sprout, flower branches pregnant bud, all rehabilitated, spring spread out with its unique shape.”In the eyes of the ancients, the symbolic phenology of the beginning of spring is: one hou dongfeng thaw, two hou insects began to vibration, three hou fish ice.”Song yingjie said.Song Yingjie explained one by one, “the east wind began to come, the weather turned warm, the frozen earth began to thaw, so called ‘east thaw’;After the fifth day of The start of Spring, the dormant insects slowly wake up from hibernation, so it is said that ‘insects start to vibrate’;Three hou is 79 days, slightly warm place the river has begun to flow, fish jumped up and couldn’t wait to surface, the layers of ice slag like fish with borneol, so it is called ‘negative ice fish’.”When it comes to the beginning of spring, many customs are hard to count, such as whipping spring cattle, hanging spring flags, cutting spring and so on.”It is both a tribute to spring and a promise of fertility.”Song also explains the other solar terms one by one.Rain, he said, should mean three things: melting, more precipitation, and less snow.Awakening of Insects, “light rain all hui new, a thunder awakening of Insects”, warm breath makes insects gradually wake up from hibernation, the sign of spring is the awakening of all things.Vernal equinox, this solar term is called “east wind warm”, east wind first arrived, is carefully warming.Qingming symbolizes the fresh, bright and warm weather of the season.The qingming phenology described by ancient people is as follows: the first dynasty tong shihua, the second dynasty vole changed into 𠛪, the third dynasty rainbowGrain rain, grain rain season, from the south and the north, busy in spring, “100 work salt, no dare idle”.Start of Summer, “a cricket does sing, earthworms, Wang Melon born”, this solar term is an increasingly hot trend.Xiaoman, the spring wind gradually stopped, poplar flowers, willow catkins no longer, light and good dance of things also become quiet, birds instead of the wind.Grain in Ear refers to the awn crops (wheat) receivable, awn crops (rice) when planted.This solar term focuses on a forward-looking reminder that people should hurry up and do not miss the time of day.Summer Solstice, the peak of the Yang, the summer solstice has a high degree of commonality, Shakespeare’s classic “a Midsummer Night’s Dream” actually with our summer solstice has the same wonderful.Minor heat, minor heat arrived, the warmth of heaven reached the extreme, the warmth of the weather also reached the extreme.Major Heat is the hottest period of the year. There is a saying such as “Major Heat is hot and good harvest year”.The beginning of Autumn, the ancients summarized the phenology of The beginning of Autumn as: cool wind in the first hou, white dew in the second hou and cicadas in the third hou.The start of Autumn is just a kind of “idea”, which is still in the process of falling and does not represent the advent of autumn.End of Heat, for people who endure the summer, start of Autumn is just a name to give people a spiritual sustenance.End of Heat is the real cool solar term.White dew, the ancient description of the white dew phenology, are related to birds: the first hou swan goose, the second hou basalts return, the third hou birds raise shame, white dew season, never dew.The Autumn Equinox, Dong Zhongshu “Spring and Autumn Fan-Lu” said: “On the Autumn equinox, Yin and Yang are half, so day and night are both cold and heat flat.The autumnal equinox is considered to be the time of “equinox” when day and night are equal, and the middle point of the balance between heat and cold.Cold dew, “turn to cold dew, rummage for clothes”.Cold dew season, not only the weather cool, rain less, less sunshine.Frost’s descent, dew is moist, frost is to kill, just as the saying goes, “frost to kill wood, dew to moisten grass”.Frost represents the change of god’s attitude towards all things from kindness to strictness.The start of Winter, when all things wither and hibernate, marks the time when people who have worked hard for a year can enjoy the fruits of autumn harvest and recuperate at home.Light snow, proverb cloud: “light snow seal mountains, heavy snow seal rivers.”The ancients believed that in the season of sealing and hiding, people should also “secure shape” and “place must cover the body”.Daily life, don’t toss;Don’t brag about your clothes.Heavy snow, the Chinese ancients will be divided into three pentads: one postulate 缬 not clear;Second hou tiger beginning to pay;The third waits stand out.At this time because of the cold weather, the most Yin, the so-called sheng extreme decline, Yang has germinated.Winter solstice, “winter solstice Yang qi, jun Road long, so congratulations”, in the long winter, because of Yin and Yang circulation, so there is a comfort and hope.Minor Cold, winter is from minor cold to major cold. The last solar term of winter has gained the name of Major Cold, while the coldest solar term can only be condescended to be called minor Cold.Major cold, “agricultural politics complete book” yue: “December call of big ban month.Suddenly a slightly warmer day, that is, the great Cold.Major cold must keep fire, no matter not to go out.”At this time of year, cold is the norm, but a slight warming is the precursor of cold.(Reporter Lu Yanxia)