The car off trial, driving license was buckled!Guiyang a taxi a “problem” also hit the road, the enterprise was interviewed

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On March 25, Guiyang Public Security Traffic Management Bureau opened the district branch through the big data integration platform early warning of overdue annual review of vehicles on the road.At 10:20 a.m., the big data integration platform warned a overdue annual review of the taxi driving in the southwest ring road sows Well section, the traffic police immediately stopped the car inspection, found that the car only driver Fu a person.The car off trial, driving license was detained to stop using, taxi a “problem” also on the road by the police site inspection, found that the taxi inspection validity period as of November 2020, the car has not been overdue inspection, driver pay a driver’s license in April 2021 by Guiyang traffic police high-speed detachment detained.The car off trial, driving license has been detained has stopped using, people and cars have problems also dare to hit the road, the police will be temporarily detained in accordance with the law, severely criticized the police to pay the corresponding punishment in accordance with the law.After checking, this taxi before still have run red light, go the wrong way, zebra crossing not comity pedestrian and so on 5 illegal, accumulative integral 17 points.In the afternoon, guiyang public security traffic management bureau opened the district branch of the taxi belongs to the relevant person in charge and pay for an interview, the taxi must eliminate all violations of the safety technology inspection can be on the road.After open the relevant person in charge of the traffic police to taxi affiliated companies and drivers pay one for the interview By the traffic police to remind, vehicle inspection is the regular “check-up” of vehicles, operating passenger car within 5 years inspection 1 time every year, more than 5 years, inspection once every six months, the operation of the vehicle “check-up” on a regular basis to ensure passengers have a comfortable and safe driving environment.Vehicles that fail to attend the annual inspection on time will be penalized with three points and fined 200 yuan, and those that are more than three inspection cycles late will be forced to scrap.City news Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Cao Yuanlin editor Zhang Hong Hu LAN editor Zhao Hongbin Zhang Chuanbao Shi Yuling statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will be timely processing.Email address: