These CP’s in the battalion, they’re worth it!

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What do you think about mentoring relationships?JingYing have so a group of people in their business solid, power quality is not the same as their teacher – “p” and a group of people so they are new and inexperienced but quietly contribute their own strength – they are not the same as students “p” today small make up take you into the dehong detachment ZhangFeng new police law enforcement practice base carefully listen to the teacher and pupil story the way together,Huang Yin, who just graduated from the police academy in 2020, has been engaged in internal work and intelligence research and judgment. It is a new challenge for her to participate in the training of new police enforcement practice.The original thought that the work of the case team is like the interpretation of the Hong Kong police drama, punishing evil and promoting good, thrilling and exciting.But when she really got to work, Huang Yin found that the daily life of the police did not have the knife and sword of the Hong Kong drama, but most of it was complicated and grinding people’s mind in the short.Because of the base’s “master and apprentice pair” working mechanism, li Hongze, deputy director of the institute, became a teacher of Huang Yin, and it is he who became huang Yin from the police on the road a crucial person.”Can a little girl do it?”Li Hongze at the beginning of the looked at quiet little girl hasn’t much faith, and after a period of time after work side by side, Li Hongze heart was in the bottom, Huang Yin accept ability is strong, not only our business and love your mind, can extrapolate, his hand on the head of mission, will analyze the next step of work.More importantly, like herself, she likes and cares about this job from the inside out.When asked by a colleague how to be a good teacher, Li hongze answered without hesitation: “I mainly standardize myself and teach by words and deeds.”Mr. Li is as good as his word.Whether it is the police discipline, attitude to work every day or catch people to solve crimes, inquiry records, making documents, review and other work, every link he always everywhere a suit, one by one patiently taught Huang Yin, with her in school dry, dry middle school.Under the teacher’s trust and careful guidance, Huang Yin independently handled the first administrative case in the detachment of the case evaluation obtained 96 points gratifying results.Preach and teach, enforce the law regardless of first come after last to handle a case to catch a person, exercise to reduce weight together, take nickname each other, open all sorts of jokes…This is the daily life of Li Yongsan and his teacher Li Haolin.Whenever master and apprentice two people stand together, people who do not know the situation always misunderstand, young Li Haolin is the older Li Rongsan’s master.Li Haolin is zhangfeng new police law enforcement practice base of a “after 90” full-time training teacher, Li Rongsan is to participate in the third batch of new police law enforcement training a “after 80” turned police.This pair of cooperates closely the teacher and apprentice, filled with professional and responsibility the age difference that made up two people, battle handles a case in law enforcement first line.Li Rongsan often said that before the work encountered problems, their own ideas, can only consult law books.Now I can consult with “Master” at any time, which is of great help to the improvement of my ability to handle cases.As the youngest instructor in the school, Li Haolin is also the most dedicated one.Big to remind Li Rongsan to cherish justice, know the law.”As a law enforcement officer, we must always maintain fairness, prudence and awe.”As small as each time to finish a case, I personally took Li Rongsan review summary, told which place need extra attention.In handling a case, When Li Rongsan checks carefully to suspect identity again, he suddenly looks back, the method that discovers oneself and habit, imperceptibly already had the shadow of the master, the teacher’s words and deeds teach, already branding is engraved in oneself action.”Before I participated in the training, I always thought that the police’s case handling was just like the movie, which was characterized by vigorous arrest, careful reasoning and clever pre-examination.But when I really became a rookie policeman, I realized that handling a case is like a craftsman’s work, which needs to be carefully polished.”New police Zhang Quan sighs.Zhang Quanyou remembers the first time he hosted a case, he was assigned to handle a case of evading border inspection.Although he had followed the old police for two simple administrative cases, but the handling of the case is still a little knowledge.After the case was settled, it scored only 72 points on al Qaeda’s cross-review.”Our passing score was 80. I didn’t even mention it to my teacher because it was too low. I had to carefully study the specific points deducted in the evaluation and make corrections accordingly.”Zhang Quan said shyly.Originally, for Zhang Quan for the first time to host the case, Wang Shengneng as the instructor did not intervene, but always in silent attention.”When you’re new, you make mistakes.If they intervene too early, they may become psychologically dependent.I have stumbled and suffered, and the next time I will know that the spirit of craftsman is also needed to handle cases. Only by handling more cases and handling cases well can I play with ease in the post of investigation and handling cases.”Wang Sheng can tell you.Sure enough, in the following case, Zhang Quan became more cautious and took the initiative to ask for details when he did not understand.Two of the cases were rated as “excellent cases” in the case evaluation of the detachment for two consecutive weeks.”Now I have been able to handle every administrative case independently. Although I am not an expert in handling cases in the firm, I am no longer ‘double-eyed and blackened’ when ENCOUNTERING cases.”Zhang Quan confidently said.On January 27, 2022, tao Kun, a new policeman, came to Zhangfeng New Police Law Enforcement Practice Base and became a new trainee. On his first day, he was arranged to be on duty with his teacher He Zhenghui.”He looks a bit serious and doesn’t talk much.”This was tao Kun’s first impression of his master. After getting along with him for a long time, Tao Kun found that although his master was strict, he was very kind and humorous.At 9:34 a.m. on January 31, received 110 instructions to handle a dispute at Wuchalu Huandao Department store in Zhangfeng Town.After putting on his vest, Tao Kun turned to help his master sort out his vest and equipment.He zhenghui took out a mask from his bag and handed it to Tao Kun, saying: “Please remember to use wechat to sweep a dollar for me.”The colleague beside caused a burst of laughter.Arrived at the scene, find the parties, Tao Kun immediately into police situation disposal, He Zhenghui looked on, timely assistance.Police disposal completed return, he Zhenghui and Tao Kun exchange disposal experience, help him “missing”.Every time before the police, Tao Kun will ask He Zhenghui “this matter you plan to do?”When Tao Kun told him his idea, he never directly judged right and wrong, always encouraged Tao Kun to do boldly, he was tao Kun’s strong backing.Because a lot of industry, especially the dispute of class alert, disposal rely more on experience and life experience, through to affection, can move to better disposal, just speak legal reprisals, so in TaoKun point of view, this expert teacher is your most strong backing, every time a police, he will be very comfortable in.”The new police is like a piece of white paper, the master is like a pen, with their years of experience from the police constantly fill our white paper, if there is no master belt, our white paper no one to draw, is a blank, the work of the police station will be faulted.Tao Kun said with deep feeling.For tao Kun this apprentice, He Zhenghui is also very satisfied, kua he is in the police force handsome and positive energy typical representative.I admire my master very much. “Because I was transferred from the army, my educational background is not high, and I have handled some simple administrative cases in the police station before, so I can be regarded as a novice.” Talking about his feelings when he just arrived at the base, wu Yongpeng, a new police officer, said frankly about his dilemma.Every time he met with difficulties, he would consult his master.”All new police officers have a certain space for growth, and I have the honor to pass on my experience to Comrade Wu Yongpeng.” When talking about the two apprentices, Yin yunpeng is very proud.Just come soon, the police station hand in hand to seize together sneak across the country (border) border case, Wu Yongpeng is the host of the police.Wu Yongpeng carried out the interrogation overnight, from more than 6 PM to more than 10 PM, the suspect did not let go, let him rest for a period of time, and then continued the interrogation, but until 2 am, the suspect still did not confess the facts of the crime.At this time, master Yin Yunpeng came to the inquiry room, let him go back to rest.Through chatting with the suspect and reasoning, the suspect soon confessed the facts of the crime. When Wu Yongpeng saw the transcript on the table the next morning, he sincerely worshipped the master and felt that the master was too powerful.”Whenever I encounter some difficulties, or have ideas or resistance, I would like to talk to my master, including the small gap in my heart and maladjustment, master help me resolve.”Wu yongpeng said.Under Yin Yunpeng’s careful guidance and encouragement, slowly, Wu Yongpeng can handle criminal cases independently from being in a muddle. master and apprentice 2 strong union, successfully solved many important cases.Source: Dehong Longchuan Border Management Brigade, Politics and Law Committee of Dehong State Committee