2021 in Chongqing enrollment colleges and universities minimum admission points summary ranking table (history.Undergraduate group)

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① Following the issuance of the 21 years of Chongqing College entrance examination physics college admission lowest score (has been top), Iceberg took time to sort out the 21 years of undergraduate history batch of universities admission lowest score and rank, for your reference.② The following table is the lowest score/ranking table of the admission of all colleges and universities of undergraduate history, arranged from high to low, and the corresponding majors with the lowest score are also shown.③ In 2021, the special batch line (equivalent to one line) is 538 points, and the undergraduate line is 456 points.④ In the same university, the chinese-foreign cooperation major, ethnic class, nursing and other special majors are arranged according to their lowest score for reference.⑤ The data can be used as a reference to select target colleges and universities. How many points or ranks can reach the lowest line of “dream school”.6. How to use grades convert to the city’s ranking, method one: use grade ranked the city ranking, according to honor roll or consulting the teacher get released from school, same school students overall quality nearly a year or two were similar, experienced high school teacher usually ranking from the school grade calculated roughly the rank in the whole city scope;Method 2: Use the difference between one’s own score for one diagnosis and two diagnoses and the published score for one diagnosis and two diagnoses special approval line (one diagnosis line) or undergraduate line to find the corresponding score and rank of 21 years.The information of the first diagnosis of 2022 was just sent out before, so find it by yourself.