A citizen of Changsha was sent a corpse money, suspected to have online shopping bad comments, the platform: compensation 100 Beijing beans and verify

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The New Year will come, however received others maliciously send to the dead money, recently, Changsha citizen Mr. Deng encountered such dregs.On January 17, Mr. Deng received a short message to pick up two parcels at the Courier station. Mr. Deng was confused because he had not bought anything recently.After taking the express, Deng opened it and was quite shocked. It was a shroud and a pile of money for the dead. “At that time, I was stunned.Mr. Deng said.Mr. Deng immediately called the police, and the police asked him to recall if he had a problem with anyone recently. Mr. Deng did not have a clue at first.Later, Mr. Deng checked the information of the two expressways according to the tracking number and found that the delivery time of the two expressways was November 24, 2021, and the two expressways arrived in Changsha on November 26, 2021 and began to be delivered successively. The signing time of one of them was December 9, 2021, while the specific signing time of the other one was not shown.Mr. Deng explained that because he didn’t buy anything online, he didn’t pay attention to it at first and didn’t get it back in time. Finally, in January, the Courier station contacted him and said that the express parcel had been delayed for a long time so he went to pick it up.Mr. Deng consulted Yto through the express information, the other party said that only the two express orders from an e-commerce platform.”That means it was sent to me by someone who ordered it online.”Later, Mr. Deng made a phone call according to the information of the sender reserved by the express and wanted to contact the merchant for more information, but the phone could not be dialed and there was no way to contact the merchant.When the clue is about to break, Mr. Deng noticed the recipient information on the express bill.Clues to a JINGdong store?The recipient information on the express is Mr. And Mrs. Deng’s online name + Mr. Deng’s mobile phone number + Mr. Deng’s family address.Mr. Deng introduced, because of work reasons, their usual online shopping will be based on the residence and help to receive the people to fill in the address.”I’ve only used this combination of incoming messages once before.”On October 29, 2021, Mr. Deng placed an order for a bookcase on jd.com. Because it was for his family, the information he received was filled in with his family’s address and his wife’s online name, but he kept his own phone number.After receiving the bookcase in November 2021, Because the quality of the bookcase was not as good as expected, Mr. Deng initiated a return refund. At last, due to the high return freight, Mr. Deng stopped the return refund.But dissatisfied with its quality, Mr. Deng gave the product a one-star rating on Nov. 23.”I gave a bad comment on November 23, the funeral clothes and ghost money on November 24 delivery, my receiving information is only in the purchase of this bookcase used once, if this is just a coincidence, that I do not believe, must be the store’s revenge.”Deng speculated that if you offend someone in your life, they won’t know your wife’s online name even if they know their family’s address and phone number.At present, Mr. Deng has contacted jingdong platform and store owner.On Jan 24, JD.com said it would verify the sellers and punish them according to the platform’s regulations. It will temporarily give Deng 100 Beijing beans as compensation.However, Mr Deng has rejected the offer of 100 Beijing beans for now.And the store did not respond positively to Mr. Deng’s own doubts.On January 26, the reporter contacted the shop owner, the other party said “it is impossible to do this thing”.”It doesn’t matter if they don’t admit it, I will try my best to track it down,” Deng said.To this matter, xiaoxiang morning news reporter will continue to follow up.Hunan Wanhe joint law firm Li Xin ‘an told reporters, assuming that consumers in this event have sufficient evidence to prove that the money and the coffin is before the online shopping bad review of the business by mail, then the business is not only in violation of morality is also suspected of violating the relevant legal provisions.Because “consumer rights and interests protect law” regulation, consumer is buying, when using commodity and accept a service, enjoy the right that safety of person, property does not suffer damage.Consumers have the right to supervise commodities and services and the protection of their rights and interests.It can be seen that as consumers, it is their legitimate right to give business trip reviews to businesses with unqualified quality or poor service attitude, and the “bad review right” is also a way to safeguard consumers’ rights and interests.And businesses in the face of consumers give bad comments to consumers after mailing harassing goods, harassing phone calls and other ways to “vent anger” is obviously inappropriate.According to Article 42 of the Law on Penalties for Administration of Public Security, anyone who commits any of the following acts shall be detained for not more than five days or fined not more than 500 yuan;If the circumstances are relatively serious, he shall be detained for not less than five days but not more than 10 days and may, in addition, be fined not more than 500 yuan:Depending on the circumstances, merchants can be fined or detained.When similar situations occur, consumers can immediately complain to the platform and ask the platform to intervene. In addition, if there is a threat to personal safety, consumers should call 110 to the police for help.If a merchant is suspected of infringing upon the personal rights of the consumer, he may file a lawsuit in accordance with the law requiring the merchant to stop the infringement, remove the obstruction and eliminate the danger.Here, remind the business should deal with or respond to the reasonable demands of consumers in a timely manner, solve disputes in a timely manner, do not touch the bottom line of the law.At the same time also suggested that the majority of consumers should be serious rational, practical and realistic use of “bad review right”.Source: Xiaoxiang Morning Post