Fuyuan county conducts nucleic acid tests for people entering the rich, building a “solid wall” of epidemic prevention

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“The epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility.”The current grim and complex situation of the epidemic has put great pressure on epidemic prevention and control.In accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, Fuyuan county has set up 443 nucleic acid sampling sites in 12 towns and streets, with a total of 886 samplers. Nucleic acid testing has been carried out on people entering the rich throughout the county, so as to build a tight and solid epidemic prevention and control network and effectively protect the lives and health of the people.”Hello, please pull over and show me your health code, trip code…”A quarantine inspection team consisting of police officers, law enforcement officers, and medical personnel is inspecting vehicles coming from outside the gate of the Dahe Toll Gate on the Shengjingguan Expressway.The health code and travel code of rich people entering foreign areas and key epidemic areas shall be strictly checked, and those with red or yellow travel codes shall be reported to the local headquarters for disposal in a timely manner. Those with asterisk travel codes shall be immediately sampled and sent for testing.”We strictly follow the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, carry out 24-hour shift guard, and strictly monitor the travel code and health code of people passing by. Nucleic acid samples will be taken immediately for those with yellow codes and asterisks.”Toll booth nucleic acid sampling site medical staff said.Good in order to control the epidemic prevention and control window, set up headquarters in seven temporary sampling points – directions export river scenic spot, scenic spot shut expressway export promotion ping direction, back to long highway exit, the G60 will be shanghai-kunming high-speed export fuyuan direction, high iron fuyuan north station, fuyuan railway stations, bus terminal, fuyuan auto for the foreign staff into the rich with the asterisk detection of nucleic acid samples for free.At the same time, county people’s hospitals and township (town, street) health centers can also take nucleic acid samples free of charge for people with asterisks.”The epidemic situation is very serious now. For our own safety, our family has come to the hospital for nucleic acid testing. We need to be reassured after the testing.”County people’s hospital is waiting for nucleic acid sampling residents said.At the nucleic acid testing site of the hospital, doctors answered questions, scanned codes and registered people who came to take nucleic acid samples, and helped and guided them to take nucleic acid tests at various sampling sites.The reporter saw that although there were many people coming to collect nucleic acid, the scene was orderly. The people waiting to be collected queued up in accordance with the distance of 1 meter line to minimize risks and ensure the safe and efficient nucleic acid testing process.In order to reduce the probability of infection and cut off the transmission route of the epidemic, the hospital carried out comprehensive disinfection of the surrounding environment of nucleic acid sampling on time.Medical staff at the sampling site said, “We disinfect nucleic acid collection areas three to four times a day, every three hours or so, and the disinfectant is 1000 mg chlorine-containing disinfectant.The sampling table is disinfected every one and a half hours with 75 percent alcohol.”It is reported that there are currently 1,684 nucleic acid sampling medical staff in the county, including 1077 people who have been trained and obtained nucleic acid sampling certificates at the county level, accounting for 60.1% of the total number of medical staff in the county.County there are nucleic acid PCR testing laboratory 2, including 1 county people’s hospital, daily testing capacity of 3500, 1 county center for disease control and prevention, daily testing capacity of 1000, according to the request of global nucleic acid detection FuYuan County permanent population 675000 single tube detection ability should reach 33750, has been with the third party inspection agencies inspection agreement,At present, the detection capacity of Fuyuan County meets the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention.(Jiang Li song Ziran)