Is that why Martial has failed at Manchester United?New teammate revealed!He needs to be loved and valued

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Earlier, Sevilla midfielder Haldane spoke about new team-mate Martial in an interview.He said: “Before Martial joined the team, I spoke to my good friend and brother Barry and he told me that Martial needs to be loved and he needs to feel valued.I am very happy that we have made the two signings of Martial and Coronado, which have given us a boost and hopefully we will be able to push for our goals together in the final stages of the season.Need to be loved and valued?Come to think of it, that seems to be the case.Martial joined United in the summer of 2015 for a world record €60m in total, at a time when Louis van Gaal was an admirer of his talent.And he raised expectations by scoring his first goal against Liverpool.That season, Van Gaal gave Martial 45 starts in 49 appearances, including 31 in the league and 29 in the starting position, which is a very rare treatment for a young man under 20, and he also produced 17 goals and eight assists, 11 league goals and four assists.In his debut season in the Premier League, a young Frenchman from France scored nearly 20 goals and scored nearly 10 assists, which is a sign that a super attacker is on the rise.Unfortunately, Van Gaal was sacked at the end of that season and Jose Mourinho was appointed.It was during this period that Martial’s progress began to slow down and he failed to score more than 10 goals in three seasons.Why?Because under Mourinho, Martial does not feel loved and valued.Mainly reflected in several aspects, first of all, Mourinho took his no. 9 jersey after taking office, and gave it to Ibrahimovic;Second, Marcel moved from his favourite centre position to the left.In addition, in the game and normal training, Martial can also feel that Mourinho does not look at him.Following the departure of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, mourinho brought in Lukaku and the number nine went to the little devils.The chances of Martial starting in the league are becoming less and less, and the conflicts between the two players are gradually accumulating.In the solskjaer era, Martial feels valued.Ole Gunnar Solskjaer dumped Romelu lukaku in his first summer at Manchester United.He will be back in charge of Michael Martial for the new season, with the number nine back in his hands.The following season, Martial exploded into the “new Black partnership” with Rashford, scoring more than 20 goals for the first time and adding nine assists.Martial was hampered by injuries last season but still feels the confidence of ole Gunnar Solskjaer.Therefore, he has not shown any intention of leaving the team.But after Rangnick took over, Things took a turn for the worse.As he went from being a regular rotation player to a complete bench player, he began to show signs of wanting to leave United for the first time.In addition, unlike Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who defended his players in front of the media, Rangnick threw the conflict out there.He openly called out to Marchale, let me know if he wanted to leave.Later, when asked why Martial was not in the squad, Lonick was even more surprising, he directly said: “Martial refused to play,” and was refuted by the player.At this point, Marchal left the team into the countdown.At Sevilla, though only on loan, Martial also felt valued.Director munch went to the airport to meet him, sevilla also invited Martial’s idol Ronaldo to record a video to welcome him and so on, which shows the importance of a series of actions.Performance?Lopetegui started Martial for the second consecutive league game and his performance has improved markedly.He ran much more aggressively than he did for United and made one assist.Mr Marcial’s experience over the years suggests that Mr Haldane’s Revelations are credible.Martial has come under the radar of Louis van Gaal and ole Gunnar Solskjaer and his performances have improved markedly.However, martial’s attitude has been criticised during solskjaer’s reign.Rangnick is a player who puts a lot of emphasis on running, and Marciel can’t be unaware of that.If he has a positive attitude during practice games, Lonick will definitely see it and give it a boost.In short, if you want to be loved and valued, you need to earn it by showing up, not by putting on a bad face.Martial’s “baby mentality” will backfire and make it difficult to become a top attacker.