Ruian city, Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province, a 139 flat property will be sold to 1.18 million yuan

2022-05-25 0 By

The People’s Court of Beichen District of Tianjin will conduct a public selling activity on Ali Auction platform from 10 o ‘clock on April 1, 2022, with a selling period of 60 days.(except for the delay), in the selling cycle, once someone bid, bidding into the 24-hour countdown, the selling target in Zhejiang Province Ruian Ma Yu Town of Nine VILLAGE Xin Ma Huating 2 building a unit 401 room.The variable selling price of the target is 1185662 yuan, and the appraisal value is 1646752 yuan. The margin for participating in the auction is 100000 yuan, and the price increase range is 5000 yuan each time.Selling target: Rui ‘an, Ma Yu Town, Jiujia Village Xin Ma Huating 2 building, a unit of Room 401, real estate license Number:Ruian, Zhejiang (2019) Real estate Right No. 0068203, the purpose of the house is residential, the nature of the land right is transferred, the purpose of the land is urban residential land, a construction area of 139.81 square meters, a total of 32 floors, the floor is 4 floors, the house type is 3 low, 1 hall, 2 bathrooms, north and south, the house is currently subject to execution and their families to live in.