The Shanghai Index fell 1.11 percent in early trading, while the Chinext index fell 1.08 percent

2022-05-25 0 By

At 11:30 am on January 25, The Shanghai Composite Index fell 39.19 points, or 1.11%, to close at 3,484.92 points, with a turnover of 226.059 billion yuan.The Shenzhen Component Index fell 165.08 points, or 1.17 percent, to 13,916.72 on turnover of 347.855 billion yuan.The Chinext index fell 32.96 points, or 1.08 percent, to 3,023.47 points on turnover of 136.717 billion yuan.The CSI 300 fell 38.08 points, or 0.8 percent, to 4,748.66, on turnover of 139.767 billion yuan.The top five industries with an increase were airports (1.92%), precious metals (1.35%), aerospace (1.34%), tourist hotels (0.72%) and shipbuilding (0.5%).The top five industries that fell were culture and media with 4.33 percent, communications services with 4.32 percent, professional services with 3.88 percent, games with 3.87 percent, and coal with 3.85 percent.Disclaimer: The content and data of this article are for reference only, do not constitute investment advice, verify before use.Operate accordingly at your own risk.Source: National Business Daily