The United States chose to attack China Unicom over the New Year, while the United States has no telecommunications business in China.The United States old user treatment geometry

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First of all, why did you choose at the time of year for unicom laid hands on him, I think this is most want to show us, americans are not importance to Spring Festival, is not idle at home and look at a foreign company when sanctions on the news, they want to maximize the suppression of unicom so throughout the former China telecom enterprise is often been suppressed in the United States, but this time is a bit fierce, but in the New Year’s day,The public opinion echoes relatively big.You should know that there are no telecommunications companies in the United States. The reason why China Unicom operates in the United States is because China Unicom is listed in the United States.So why aren’t we allowed to do it now?That is because really can’t take what card face to play cards, to three also can barely resist.China Unicom has been buzzing about for days, the news of January 27th.I have read a lot of articles during the five or six days of hype, but none of them mentioned what packages are used by The customers of America Unicom, especially the old customers.Compared with China Unicom receiving sanctions, I am more concerned about the difference in the preferential intensity between the packages of old customers and new customers in the United States.If not the same that also calm and some, if the new and old as everyone is equal, then I can make fun of!