The last time Messi scored against Real Madrid was in May 2018.

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Beijing time on February 16, 1/8 champions league first leg will compete for first, the greater will be in the home game against real Madrid, after this is Lionel messi leave la liga, for the first time against real Madrid, messi has 45 times follow before fighting real Madrid, Barcelona, scoring 26 goals in 14 assists, but the last gate messi against Barcelona back in May 2018.Messi in Paris after joining the performance can only be said to be the norm, from the current point of view messi joined the commercial value of Paris is far greater than the results!Messi has scored only 7 times and made 7 assists for Paris so far, with only 2 goals in the league, and has played well in the Champions League, scoring 5 goals in 5 games in group stage.But there is still a gap compared with Messi’s statistics in Barcelona!Messi in Barcelona, is the Spanish Liga striker king and assists king, Real Madrid is also one of Messi’s favorite opponents, 45 times to participate in 40 goals, almost is an average of 1 goal, with Barcelona 19 times to beat Real Madrid!But Messi has failed to score against Real Madrid for three years during his time with Barcelona, the last time messi scored was on May 7, 2018 Beijing time.Barcelona were playing at home to Real Madrid when Messi scored in the 52nd minute from luis Suarez’s pass.In Paris announced before the real Madrid squad, Messi is in the list, looking forward to Messi in tonight’s outstanding performance, the first time in four years to break real Madrid’s door!