When Emperor Taizong saw the western beauty for the first time, what was his reaction and how did he do it?

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After xuanwu Gate changed, Li Yuan chan Li Shimin succeeded to the throne, known as Emperor Taizong.Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty changed his reign name to Zhenguan. After only 23 years in power, he initiated the rule of Zhenguan. From then on, the Tang Dynasty gradually began to unfold a magnificent picture, and the cultural exchanges between different nationalities, different regions, and even different nationalities reached an unprecedented height.Once, Persian emissaries also brought two western beauties to Tang Taizong.However, emperor Taizong surprised everyone when he first met a Western beauty.So what was Emperor Taizong’s reaction to the first western beauty?How did he do it?In 635, a missionary from Persia came to the Tang Dynasty for exchange.Because the King of Persia liked tang culture very much at that time, he asked the missionary to bring two very beautiful Persian beauties to Tang Taizong.They traveled all the way to the Tang Dynasty, not only to see the prosperous city of Chang ‘an, but also to be received by Emperor Taizong and Empress Changsun.Emperor Taizong of tang attached great importance to these emissaries from Persia and specially sent Fang Xuanling, who had become the prime minister at that time, to receive these guests from afar. Emperor Taizong also held a grand welcome ceremony in the palace.At that time, the Persian mission brought a lot of local characteristics of rare treasures, Persian missionaries also said to Tang Taizong, the Persian king ordered himself to bring Persian beauty to Tang Taizong.Persia was then in what is now Iran, and the Persian Empire included central Asia and parts of South Asia.Now the network developed, even ordinary people for foreigners do not feel new.From the Internet, women in Iran can be seen with beautiful faces and three-dimensional facial features, especially big eyes, double eyelids and a straight nose, which make them look good on camera.When the two Persian women presented themselves to Emperor Taizong, even emperor Taizong, who had seen all kinds of beautiful women, was very surprised to see these two Persian women. What everyone did not expect was that Emperor Taizong ordered the two Western beauties to be locked in a cage, and ordered people to send water and rice to these two people.It’s like when people go to the zoo to see the animals.So why did Emperor Taizong do this?Since ancient times, China has been known as a land of ceremony, but why did Emperor Taizong put the beauty of the Persian king in a cage like a beast?Many people attributed this behavior to the fact that ancient people rarely saw foreigners, so meeting western beauties with blond hair and blue eyes was like seeing “monsters”.Actually this is a misunderstanding, foreigners were not uncommon in the Tang Dynasty.At that time, people in strange costumes could be seen everywhere in the streets of Chang ‘an city.A very famous cultural relic unearthed in the Tang Dynasty, the Three-color glazed pottery figure of Hu men leading camels, reflects the situation that foreigners came to China with camels at that time.The Silk Road was gradually formed after Zhang Qian’s mission to the Western Regions in the Han Dynasty.Not only did China’s feudal dynasties strengthen their ties with the outside world through the Silk Road, but many countries also reached China through the Silk Road.In addition to selling tea, silk and porcelain to the nobles of their own countries, many tang foreigners also became officials in China.Tang Taizong also once wrote “since ancient times are expensive China, cheap yi di, I love the same”, it can be seen that Tang Taizong is not not seen the world.Because the ancient transportation is not as convenient as today, many people think that the ancient communication between countries is very closed, tang Taizong did not see foreigners only to admire the Persian beauty in a cage.In fact, this seemingly rude action is a reflection of the Emperor taizong’s great talent.Ancient people think that it is not my kind of heart will be different, and then the Persian messenger has been advised tang Taizong to visit these two Persian beauties.As the emperor, Taizong wanted to maintain the purity of the royal blood lineage. It would be bad for the prestige of the Tang Dynasty to directly reject the goodwill of the Persian envoy. Therefore, Taizong came up with a way to get the best of both worlds.As expected, as The Emperor taizong expected, the Persian emissary saw his king dedicated to the Tang Emperor’s two beauty actually like animals locked in a cage, he asked the emperor to put the two beauty out of their own home, The Emperor taizong’s purpose has also achieved.So why were there so many foreigners in the Tang Dynasty?Because the Tang Dynasty was strong and prosperous, many countries sent people to study in the Tang Dynasty.These foreigners came to the Tang Dynasty. Some of them learned advanced knowledge and technology and brought it back to their own countries, while others simply stayed in the Tang Dynasty and established a career.Li Guangbi, a famous general of the Tang Dynasty, was a Khitan, and Ge Shuhan was a Qiuci from Anxi. According to incomplete statistics, there were more than 3,000 foreigners in the tang Dynasty.At that time, the streets of Chang ‘an were like the streets of Europe, with blond hair, blue eyes and tall noses.What made tang so attractive to foreigners was its eclectic and open attitude.Because people living in the Tang dynasty showed unprecedented confidence in their own culture, the Tang dynasty was more tolerant of people from other countries.Tang poetry is a bright pearl in the history of Chinese literature and also a treasure in the history of world culture. Tang poetry still nourishes human beings until today, and many poems are called eternal quatrains.Such self-confidence brought an eclectic attitude, and the exchange of personnel from various countries promoted the prosperity of the Tang culture and thus enhanced the national self-confidence.Chang ‘an, the capital of the Tang Dynasty, was an international metropolis just as Beijing, Shanghai and New York are today.There are many foreigners in the TV series Chang ‘an Twelve Hour Morning, which is not a made-up plot, but a true description of the chang ‘an scene at that time.After all, there were only a few organized foreigners. Most of them came to the Tang Dynasty for four purposes: some were emissaries from other countries;Some of them came to the Tang Dynasty to learn advanced culture and technology;Then there were monks and merchants, some of whom numbered in the hundreds.In 675, Perus, prince of Persia, fled to Chang ‘an.At that time, the Emperor of the Tang Dynasty was Tang Gaozong, tang Gaozong still continued the open and inclusive policy of the Tang Taizong period, Tang Gaozong not only removed the kneeling ceremony of Berus, for Berus also to brother, named Li Xun.Foreigners were not uncommon in the Tang Dynasty. The reason why Emperor Taizong was surprised to see Persian beauties for the first time was that there were few foreign women in the Tang Dynasty at that time. Many women would cover their faces with gauze according to the customs of their own countries.Emperor Taizong was naturally impressed by the sight of exotic beauties, but he certainly did not keep the Persian beauties in cages because they looked different from his concubines.Emperor Taizong was worried that the Persian king presented beauty is a beauty trap, so he thought of such a method to legitimately refuse the Beauty sent by the Persian king, and do not worry about losing face of the Persian king.Finally, the Persian messenger can only take two beauty back to Persia, the Persian king’s scheme has failed.