A widow in a pig’s cage

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Today I will tell you a story about shy ghost.The story takes place in lianshui Town during the Qing Dynasty.At noon, the sun was high and people crowded around the Lianshui River.People were Shouting, “Drown her, drown her, what a shame!”She was the widow white lotus of the town.So what did Bai Lian do that caused people’s anger?For it was a custom in the land, that a widow should observe the feast of her dead husband, and that if he secretly loved another, he should be immersed in a hog-cage.The white lotus was caught having an affair with another man, and was put in a cage to be thrown into the Lotus River.White Lotus cried, “I am wrong, I am wrong…I don’t have anyone…”However, the people on the shore are cold eyes, regardless of whether you are wrong, there is a lively look, then I will add fuel to the vinegar, more efforts!In this way, the poor white lotus was thrown into the river by several big men.The big stones were pressed against the cage, and soon it sank, bubbling and bubbling.See this some people want to ask, that why is only a white lotus one sink pond, her lover?In fact, all these are rogue Ma SAN out of the ghost idea, which have what love, some just the evil of the people.Ma SAN er is thinking about the beauty of white lotus all the time, the intention that makes clear oneself for many times, but white lotus ignores namely.Then, Ma SAN is born hate by love, want revenge white lotus, come up with a cunning plan.That day, bai Lian went to the streets, Ma SAN secretly slipped into bai Lian’s home, put a pair of straw sandals into bai Lian’s bed, and then secretly slipped out.In the evening, white lotus home, no abnormal discovery.That night, Ma SAN er is taking a few men, saying is to catch white lotus and person private meeting home, want to deal with two people.Very soon, a line of people came to the white lotus home door, Ma SAN er suddenly beat the door: “quick open the door!”White lotus thought That Ma SAN er was to make trouble, did not pay attention to, at the moment she has been lying down.Presently several men shouted, “Open the door!”At this time, white Lotus realized the seriousness of the matter and asked: “What’s going on?”At this time, Ma SAN er can not wait, directly knocked open the door, a pedestrian rushed in.At the moment, the white lotus is getting up to get off the bed, Ma SAN er immediately opened his mouth: “Where is your lover?Where is he? Let him out!”White lotus is confused, “What love?You don’t slush, I a widow, you don’t insult me.”Ma SAN ‘er turns over cabinets, look for everywhere, finally dig out a pair of man’s straw sandals under the bed!This pair of straw sandals became the evidence that Ma SAN er said that the lover must have climbed out of the window and hid under the bed without putting his shoes on!White lotus has no words, no matter how to explain is useless.Eventually, the white lotus was arrested, torture, still can not find that phase good whereabouts.So the leader, in a fit of rage, decided to sink the white lotus into the pond alone as punishment.Before they sink, they strip off their clothes, just to humiliate those who sink.White lotus tears, how hope shore has a righteous person to help, but finally with anger left!White lotus sink pond that night, Ma SAN ‘er happy mood, to the pub to drink some wine.On his way home, Ma SAN ‘er passed by the Lianshui River, and passed by the area of the Shen Tang.It serves you right!”That’s it. Two steps in, something weird happens.Ma SAN ‘er heard a rumbling sound in the lianshui river. He looked around and was startled.At this moment, there was a whirlpool in the middle of the river, still stirring, and the next second a naked woman floated out!This woman is the dead white lotus, black hair loose, pale face…”Ah!”Ma SAN ‘er screamed in terror and turned to run away.But the feet could not move, and the white lotus floated closer and closer.Ma SAN ‘er quickly begged for mercy: “I didn’t mean to hurt you. I know I’m wrong. Please go around me…”White Lotus’s voice was wailing and hateful. “Why did you hurt me?Why did you hurt me?”In an instant, Ma SAN ‘er felt a pair of nails on his neck, breathing suddenly became difficult.White lotus a hard, Ma SAN’s neck was punctured, blood instantaneous flow.At this moment, Marcel slipped and rolled into the river.Plop, Ma SAN er had no time to struggle, and was pulled into the water…In this way, rascal Ma SAN gets the retribution of application, die!A few days later, people found a body floating on the lianshui River. It was Ma SAN ‘er!People were so frightened that they all said they had been retaliated by white Lotus.Later, people often saw naked white lotus by the Lotus River when they were walking at night.Therefore, people called white lotus “shy ghost”.However, the white lotus did not harm others, only pulled the horse into the water, also be very kind white lotus!Guys, what do you think?Who else should be punished?Disclaimer: the story is based on folk materials and contains fictional elements, not advocating feudal superstition.If you like, welcome to praise attention, I wish you happiness and stay away from disaster.For more exciting content, follow the wonderful story