Before the start of short track speed skating, “top flow” Ice Dwen Dwen wished everyone a happy New Year, but also posed three questions

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On February 5th, the first day of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the short track speed skating event will be the first gold medal for the Chinese delegation.Reporters see, 18 o ‘clock or so, the capital stadium arena athletes have begun to warm up.Live music was playing, but there was excitement in the air.Just before the game, the mascot “Ice Dwen Dwen” appeared in the auditorium to warm up the crowd.”Bing Dwen Dwen” first at the scene to the athletes and the audience happy New Year!After the short and warm New Year’s greetings, Bing Dwen dwen opened the “q&A” mode and gave the audience three questions.Topics include “What is the length of a short track speed skating lap?” “When did short track become an official Olympic sport?” and “What was the first command given by the starter?”After the three quick multiple choice questions, “Bing Dwen Dwen” invited the audience to “go to the future together, cheer for the athletes!”source Beijing daily client | journalists Li li, wang smiled LiuShuang Li sl editor Jia jia process editor Liu Weili