Kick Vietnam to intentionally release water to make money?Fans demanded a thorough investigation, and the FOOTBALL association responded that the three countries had problems

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0-2 was beaten by Japan, the opposite goalkeeper does not exist will not affect the result of the game, to tell the truth, the strength gap between the two sides is too big, National football team will lose the game is not unexpected.Thought the next face lower ranking of Vietnam, the team’s can not to struggle for steamed bread, to let the fans have a years, father of but I didn’t think the team’s incredibly lost, scored three goals in Vietnam, almost zero sealed our national soccer team, if not scored a goal in the final moment, the national soccer team will be shave their heads in a row, the impact is less than the result of the loss, of course.In the history of nine times against Vietnam, the National football team has won, and this encounter Waterloo, Fan Zhiyi said right, the National football team lost Thailand after losing Vietnam, the next is Myanmar, according to the current spirit of the National football team, losing to Myanmar is not unexpected.The National Football team lost to Vietnam, but they returned home with nine tons of luggage. It seems that the loss did not affect their mood. They should eat sea cucumber and get high salary.It was reported that the men’s soccer team and the 16 teams were against the decision to set the maximum salary for next season at 2 million yuan before tax. The football association later raised the maximum salary to 3 million yuan before tax, raising it by a third, but the opposition did not go away, infuriating many fans.There is news that the national football team faced Vietnam this time, there is deliberately suspected of making money, a stone provoked thousands of waves, detonated the football circle.Theoretically speaking, The national football team’s strength is higher than Vietnam’s, even away from home is too miserably lost, is understandable suspicion.Fans have called on the FOOTBALL Association to launch an investigation, demanding that the unprofessional players be punished, once confirmed, must be severely punished, otherwise they will not wear the national team jersey.It is reported that the current football Association has set up an investigation team, against the national football team deliberately to make money suspected investigation, several days passed, now has not given the results.Although the official has no answer at present, but the fans have begun to speculate, the spearhead has pointed to the three international players, of course, the guess is a guess, before the football association did not give the exact result, everything is based on discussion.First of all, eat sea cucumber, Wu Xi, the captain of the National football Team, is a tonic, but the performance of the game is a long story, even in the game also appeared to hide the ball phenomenon, as the captain, Wu Xi’s performance is naturally the focus of suspicion.Second is Wang Shanchao, to be honest, Vietnam kicked three goals are related to Wang Shanchao, staring at the ball without marking, akimbo defense, one after another mistakes, but this is not replaced by Li Xiaopeng.Finally, goalkeeper Yan Junling, who kicked the ball off the pitch with his feet, has reason to be suspicious.