Longevity gene

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Life longevity gene life longevity is derived from nature and nurture, genetic perfection and improvement of life physiology are the best prescription for longevity.What it means to live a long life: Enjoy a long life.Life mode: “Spirit” presided over, “blood” management life “determines the mechanism.Life span is closely related to spirit and blood, and spirit and blood are decisive.”Ling Shu · Tian Nian” holds that life: “Based on the mother, the father dun”.Formation of gas condensation and deformability of gas.Human Yin and Yang qi and blood, moving from the heart and lung, static spleen liver and kidney, liver warming Yang qi, spleen blood to embellish Jin Yin, kidney of the main shuiling, by the viscera and viscera of the essence of the hidden.Yin and Yang are invisible. Motion, Yang and qi are warm, while static, Yin and blood are caring and nourishing.Longevity genes are: good shape and function, good teeth and brain, regular life, cheerful thinking, good three views, and filial piety of children and grandchildren happy family.Acquired benefits: environmental protection, mental relief, normalization of prevention and control, stability of essence, blood and spirit.Pay attention to words and deeds, living habits, diet and spiritual and cultural construction.Original work by Luo Zhanguang.Keeping in good health care