Manchester City striker Richards: ‘it’s ridiculous not to give VAR, it makes Everton miserable.

2022-05-26 0 By

Foden scored the only goal in Manchester City’s 1-0 win over Everton in the 27th round of the Barclays Premier League this morning after a pass from Shaun Ali was cleared for a suspected handball in rodrigue’s penalty area.City’s suspected handball sparked controversy, with Lampard saying his three-year-old daughter could see it deserved a penalty, and fans of the two merseyside clubs also complaining.Sky Sports pundit Micah Richards, a former Manchester City player, said VAR had made everton miserable by disallowing a penalty.Richards: “It’s ridiculous, we’ve talked about VAR, they’ve made a lot of good decisions recently, but today they got it wrong and it cost Everton dearly.””It has cost everyone, everyone in the Premier League, dearly.But today, forget Liverpool for a moment, Everton needed it and needed a penalty to increase their chances of avoiding relegation.”Everyone says they don’t like VAR because when it comes in it doesn’t happen very quickly it usually takes three or five minutes and referees are talking about it rather than taking the time to make a decision and let the game go on.Did they come up with any excuse?How could there not be clear enough evidence?”